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A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Traffic

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Traffic There’s simply no time to waste.

A fashion girl’s gotta do what a fashion girl’s gotta do! And when the busy metro’s giving you hours long of mind-numbing traffic, what we gotta do is to learn how to multi-task. A few weeks ago, we caught Kendall Jenner shaving her legs at the back of her car on the way to the Diane Von Furstenberg runway show. Take a cue from this model and see what else you can do to make use of your precious time while stuck in EDSA.

1. Plan your agenda.

Fashion girls are way too busy, so we have to keep our schedule in check. When stuck in traffic, make use of the time to sit still, organize your thoughts and think about what you have to do during the day. Write your emails, make a to-do list, and make the necessary calls. We tend to forget about these small errands when we’re swamped at work.


2. Do your makeup.

Though applying mascara can be a difficult task while on the highway, it won’t be such a problem when the road’s looking a lot more like a parking lot. (Yes, EDSA, we’re looking at you!) So instead of taking up an hour doing your makeup at home, leave earlier and do it inside your car as you wait out the terrible traffic.

3. Meditate.

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My law professor makes us meditate for about thirty minutes just to escape from the stress of school. Meditation gives you the chance to quiet your mind and declutter your thoughts. Sit still, fix your posture, and close your eyes. Put your hands on your lap and find your center. Count your breaths and appreciate the silence. You’ll realize how meditation can help you enhance your creativity and increase your mental energy, making you ready for a whole day’s worth of work. But hey, make sure you’re on the passenger seat and not the one driving!

4. Take selfies.

Car selfies are the best! Make use of the idle time to find your best angle, pucker up, and take a beauty snap that shows off your glowing skin. Thanks to the natural lighting, of course.

5. Listen to an audiobook.


Flipping through hardbounds and paperbacks would be a head sore while on the road. A good alternative would be an audiobook. You can rest your eyes from looking at screens and pages while you wait out the nasty traffic. At the same time, you can be in the loop about the latest stylish reads.

6. Convert your car into your closet.

With the everyday traffic situation here in the metro, there’s barely enough time to go back home from work for a quick outfit change. So if you’re planning to spend Friday night out with your girlfriends, you should be able to transform your look from day to night inside your vehicle. Always have staple pieces ready - like an LBD, a pair of heels and some key accessories.

Always remember: A fashion girl has no time to waste.


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