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A Fashion Girl's Guide to Preparing Baon

Whip up yummy lunch meals in a flash!
A Fashion Girl's Guide to Preparing Baon Whip up yummy lunch meals in a flash!

A few things are more important than nailing that perfect foodstagram shot—say, actually cooking a healthy meal for sustenance and nutrition! Take it from us, no one has the time to cook and wash the dishes. But with easy Yummy (pun intended) meals, there’s no reason not to indulge in what could possibly turn into a neat, not to mention useful, hobby. Besides, nothing here is supposed to take more than an hour to prepare. 

Enter Yummy 3: Lunch to Go!, the cookbook that’ll give your lunch a makeover. Say hello to food you actually know—will have had the time to cook, and eat.


Check out a sampling of the recipes you can whip up in a jiffy:

China: Through the Yummy Looking Glass—did we try too hard on that one? We promise you won’t have to for these Asian-inspired pork chops. Did we mention the book gives lots of little tips to help shake things up a bit? 

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Nothing like a comforting and energy-filled meatball pasta on a busy day—not to mention, a sneaky way to up the fiber intake for us who don’t eat our veggies.

Yummy 3: Lunch to Go! is available in all leading bookstores and newsstands for only P150. And as the name suggests, it’s quick and easy recipes for people who want good food on the go. 


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