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A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Getting Over a Breakup

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Getting Over a Breakup Don't let some guy ruin your mascara.

Going through a bad breakup is no child’s play. Most of us have been there and done that, and while there are no definite rules when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, crying yourself to sleep and letting some guy ruin your mascara will not get you anywhere either. At some point, you’ll have to start moving on and focusing on how you can get yourself together like a true-blue fashion girl.

Below, a checklist to help you get over a relationship that has gone south:

1. Exercise.

Working out has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, and ward off feelings of anxiety and depression. But apart from all those perks, hitting the gym on a regular basis is also guaranteed to get you in tip-top shape. After all, isn’t looking good the sweetest form of revenge?

2. Indulge in a cheat day.


Go treat yourself, darling. You deserve some carbs after what he has put you through.

3. Get a makeover.

Schedule an appointment at the salon and get yourself a new haircut. And while you're at it, throw in a mani-pedi session, too! Just make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not to get your hopes up that your ex-boyfriend will come running back as soon as he sees you in your new ‘do.

4. Read a book.

watch now

Reading a book is the easiest way for you to discover a world that is outside yours. It’s like an escape, but a good one at that. Forget about your boy problems for a while and take some time to appreciate good old paperbacks.

5. Re-watch your favorite fashion films and TV series.

Feeling blue? A dose of Miranda Priestly might help remedy your sadness. That, and a bowl of buttered popcorn should be enough to keep you from drunk dialing that number you just deleted off your phonebook yesterday. (Come on, we all know you have it memorized anyway.)

6. Go shopping.


If that red lippie from MAC’s latest collection will give you the extra boost of confidence that you need, then go for it. Retail therapy is fine as long as you don’t max out your credit card or go way beyond your financial capabilities. Because just so you know, there’s nothing worse than being broke and broken-hearted at the same time.

7. Travel.

Book a flight, pack your bags, and go on an adventure – alone, if you must.

8. Learn how to speak a new language.

How about French? Then bid your good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend “au revoir!”

9. Try something new.

It sucks when suddenly you’re alone and you have to do things that you used to do with someone else. But if you really want to move on, you have to find a new "thing" that you can call your own. Do something you’ve never done before like mountain-climbing or surfing – something that won’t remind you of a heartbreaking past.

10. Spend some quality time with your friends.


Girl, trust us, you don’t need a guy to make you feel good about yourself!


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