9 Modern Life Goals to Live By StyleBible Preview
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9 Modern Life Goals to Live By

Take it from Queen P herself.
9 Modern Life Goals to Live By

From the night Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe crown almost a year ago, she made sure that the everyone would remember—she’s confidently beautiful…with a heart. Physically, there’s no doubt that she has the right to be named the most beautiful woman in the universe, but what makes her beyond beautiful is how she continues to embody the true meaning of the title through her words and actions. She knows that she is a role model to many and uses different social media platforms to spread awareness on important causes. She also makes sure to serve up some queenly inspirational messages every once in a while and trust us when we say they are absolute #goals.

Below are eight of our favorite quotes we found from her IG, perfect for every modern Filipina.

I walked away from the pageant stage empty handed many times and it was tough! But I never gave up and neither should you. Everyone can be a Miss Universe!”

We all know her story, and she is a proof that you can #WearTheCrown in anything and everything.


“Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.”

Let your voice be heard! If there is a time to do so, it is now.

"Pizza time is always a good idea.”

One of the things we love the most about our queen is how she has no pretentions. Ladies, it’s okay to reward yourself and indulge sometimes.

“A dream is a picture of possibility, we should have a strong heart and a prepared mind to turn that into a reality.”

Because it’s true what they say, opportunities are given to those who are prepared to take chances.

“Make the world your runway.”

Spoken like a true Preview girl. Be stylish no matter where you are.


“Lost is a lovely place to find yourself. Embrace it. Not all dips lead to failure. It's just a matter of perspective.”

Always choose to see the good in situations and let yourself learn and transform through that.

“A little party never hurt nobody.”

A Modern Filipina knows how to have fun!

“Laugh a little.”

It’s the easiest thing you can do for yourself.

“A modern Filipina is someone who is empowered now, someone who isn’t afraid to have their voice heard.”

Be the best version of the modern Filipina you can be. Like a true beauty queen,#WearTheCrown in everything you do, always putting your heart into your actions. This way, your beauty—most especially from within—will radiate beyond borders. 

All photos from @piawurtzbach on Instagram. 

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