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8 Reasons Why Jennylyn Mercado Deserves to Be FHM's Sexiest Woman in the Philippines

Will she make it back-to-back?
8 Reasons Why Jennylyn Mercado Deserves to Be FHM's Sexiest Woman in the Philippines Will she make it back-to-back?

We already told you last time that we believe sexiness is beyond skin-deep, and this time around, we choose to stand our ground as we zoom in on another local celebrity who’s also in the running to becoming this year's FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the Philippines. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about Jennylyn Mercado a.k.a. the same girl who bagged the much-coveted title last year. Other than the obvious (she’s a total bombshell, no doubt), we list down several other reasons why we feel she's truly sexy.

1. She’s amazing at her craft.

Of course, there’s no question that Jennylyn is a very good actress. Her numerous awards can attest to this.

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2. She’s not just about looking sexy on the surface. She values the importance of fitness.

She doesn't do only one, not even two, but six different workouts—arnis, cycling, running, swimming, pilates, and plana forma. No wonder she looks the way she does, right?

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3. She has mastered the art of smizing.

Which is why her selfies are always on point!

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4. She eats whatever she wants!

What diet? This girl works hard to stay fit and healthy. There’s no way she’s going to deprive her sweet tooth what it craves—she knows what she deserves, and very rightfully so.

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5. She’s a sneakerhead.

Who says a woman can only be sexy in heels anyway?

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6. She’s a true-blue fashion girl.

Her red carpet style always manages to land her on the best dressed lists. And can you still remember when she fronted Preview’s April issue? It didn’t take her much effort to nail that cover. She’s such a natural!

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7. For her, the most rewarding job is being a mom.

Her little boy Jazz is her most prized possession. Nothing compares.

8. And most importantly, she’s the “man of the house.”


Her Esquire cover says it all. Jennylyn is doing a great job at making all the single mothers proud! Now tell us, how’s that not the sexiest thing ever?

Main image from @ajalberto on Instagram

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