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5 Alternative Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Photos

5 Alternative Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Photos Because it’s time for a feed refresh.

There are foolproof ways to achieve a well-curated, double tap-worthy Instagram feed: white walls for OOTDs, flatlays of your favorite things, and the works. (Let’s not forget those wanderlust-inducing shots of your recent travels!) Although these very millennial tactics will still get some buzz, it wouldn’t hurt to shake things up a little and to change your #aesthetics game. The new look? Understated cool. Now, it’s all about having a curious eye for interesting angles in the ordinary things—a candid yet unstudied OOTD shot, or morning light in your bedroom. The long and short of it is, don’t try too hard (even though we all really do!).  

1.Make a statement.

Whether it’s a cheekily witty slogan or a text-laden photo, don’t be afraid to express yourself and to craft posts with connotations. Not a fan of text? You could even capture images that elicit a certain emotion or meaning!


2. Showcase interesting architecture.

This one’s for fashionistas, foodies, and hipsters alike! Great architecture is all around us, and it’s a good way for your followers to get a glimpse of your #ahrtsy side. Who knows? You might even discover your next favorite spots! 

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3. Trade flatlays for a more candid presentation.

Just like how you see accessories presented in magazines—only more candid! The key here is to capture the items caught in motion or in the middle of a scene.

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4. Crop your OOTDs.

Head-to-toe OOTDs? So yesterday! Zoom in on the most interesting part of your outfit, such as the details you love the most, and make it the focal point of your shot.


 5. Shy away from the camera.

It can be cool not to care—in photos, at least. Be candid and showcase realness (even though we know it’ll probably take you a lot of takes to get it right).

Get snap-happy and embrace the #realness!

Main image from @louise.dr on Instagram

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