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8 Life Lessons From Fashion Photographer Bj Pascual

Here’s how he turned a hobby into his career.
8 Life Lessons From Fashion Photographer Bj Pascual

You don’t have to be a fashion girl to know who BJ Pascual is. He’s one of the country’s top photographers, and his work can be seen on magazine covers, editorials, ads, and billboards all over the city. More impressively, he has accomplished all that before hitting the big 3-0. Here’s what we can all learn from this talented young lensman:

Focus on what you’re good at.
In college, BJ had stints as a shirt designer and as a stylist, but he knew photography was his main strength. “I started taking photographs as a hobby. Little did I know that this hobby will turn into a passion that would eventually become my career.”

Keep learning.
BJ sees every shoot as an opportunity to learn more about his craft. “The learning never stops, the work never stops,” he says. He even took several classes abroad to further hone his skills!

Family matters.
BJ was raised by his grandparents, and they were at first apprehensive about his decision to pursue photography full-time. “Coming from a family of lawyers and doctors, my lolo and lola were at first very hesitant of me becoming a photographer. So they had high expectations, and there was immense pressure on me. But I knew they meant well,” he recalls.

Believe in your skills.
“For me, it’s all about confidence and getting over self-doubt,” BJ shares. “I’ve always loved photography, but the doubts always found a way to creep in. My grandparents were a big part of pushing me to get over them, and that’s something I’ll never forget.”

Hustle hard.
It wasn’t an easy ride to the top for BJ: He certainly paid his dues before landing his big projects. “I started with small odd jobs. Eventually, these small jobs led to more and more shoots, and I slowly realized that maybe I can do this for the rest of my life,” he reveals.

Have an eye for style.
When BJ's shooting editorials, he knows that the outfits have to be the focus of his images. He understands how the clothes move, and he has an uncanny knack for making the clothes look their best, every time. It also helps that BJ himself is a style icon in his own right!

Give everything your best shot.
“I always try to do my best, day in and day out,” says BJ. “When I finally managed to get breaks in the industry, like my first magazine cover and eventually, my first billboard, the proud smiles of my lolo and lola made all the long nights worth it. That’s when I knew this is really for me.”

Live unboxed.
BJ’s vast portfolio is beautiful, exciting, and inspiring. His secret? He doesn’t let the usual photography guidelines cramp his style. He doesn't let his equipment dictate the quality of his photos either: All the shots on his Samsung S8 are just as beautiful as the ones he takes with his DSLR. “When I take photographs, there are no frames, no boundaries, no boxes. This way, I can capture what I want, when I want.”

Watch BJ talk about his passion for photography below:

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