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8 Hilarious Meme Accounts to Follow on Instagram

8 Hilarious Meme Accounts to Follow on Instagram Get your daily dose of #LOLs here.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not take your regular dose of happy pill by simply following these hilarious meme accounts on Instagram? Featuring relatable (and often sarcastic) posts that will have you laughing to your heart’s content, these will provide you daily #LOLs and #ROTFLs guaranteed to make your day instantly better!


Followers: 26M

If you’re not following 9gag yet, then what have you been doing on Instagram?



Followers: 7.5M

Get your daily dose of #LOLs here.



Followers: 1.8M

Because everyone’s ultimate dream job is to not need one.



Followers: 3.5M

Betches be like…



Followers: 385K

This account says it like it is.



Followers: 1.7M

Getting your heart broken has never been funnier.



Followers: 145K

Think of it as the “epitome of a typical Instagram user.” Hashtag #unfiltered.



Followers: 147K

If you’re into cute babies and the hilariously quirky things they do, then you need to follow this account, stat!

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