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8 Dark and Suspenseful Asian Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Race

They're all available on Netflix!
8 Dark and Suspenseful Asian Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Race
IMAGE Netflix
They're all available on Netflix!

There’s only so many cheesy rom-coms we can watch before we’re forced to return to our totally boring, uneventful, definitely not-like-the-movies life. That said, if you ever feel like changing things up a bit, how about braving through a marathon of all things mystery, murder, and mayhem, on a rainy, dark, and dreary night?

Below, we list a few Asian dramas with perfectly intriguing dark themes to get your heart racing.

1. Girl From Nowhere (2018)

This Thai supernatural thriller anthology revolves around Nanno, an enigmatic girl who frequently transfers schools. Throughout the series she exposes the scandalous inner workings of each institution she enrolls in, from predatory teachers to abusive students.

2. The Stranded (2019)

Yet another thrilling Thai drama, after being trapped on an island during a tsunami, the students of an elite school struggle to survive and hold on to hope. Unfortunately for the group, it seems malicious forces are against them no matter what they do.


3. Strangers From Hell (2019)

Also known as Hell is Other People, this webtoon-based Korean Drama trails an aspiring crime fiction writer whose move to a new apartment building is plagued by odd events and eerie neighbors.

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4. Kakegurui (2018)

Based on the Japanese anime of the same name, this live action adaptation follows Yumeko Jabami as she enrolls in the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy. Made up of spoiled and wealthy rich kids, the sudents in the school are ranked by their gambling winnings. Unbeknownst to them, the new girl turns out to be a gambling maniac who's prepared to bet a whole lot more than just money.

5. Erased (2017)

After his mother’s murder, a young man with the ability to travel back in time goes back 18 years to when he was still an elementary school boy. While in the past, he’s given the chance to prevent both his mom’s death, and that of three of his childhood friends. Much like Kakegurui, Erased is also based on a Japanese anime of the same name.

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6. Day and Night (2017)

In this Chinese suspense thriller, a detective who’s deathly afraid of the dark switches places with his twin brother in order to investigate a series of crimes at night. At the same time, he hopes to exonerate his sibling who’s been accused of murdering an entire family.

7. The Victim’s Game (2020)

This Taiwanese mystery drama follows a forensic detective with Asperger's syndrome. Upon discovering that his estranged daughter is linked to a series of mysterious murders, he risks everything to get on the case before anyone else can.

8. Til Death Do Us Part (2019)

Similar to the premise of Black Mirror and based on a series of Taiwanese speculative short stories, Til Death Do Us Part is a sci-fi thriller anthology that takes a deep dive into every human's deepest desires and darkest fears.


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