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9 Celebrity Jetsetters and Their Dream Travel Destinations

One never runs out of new places to explore.
9 Celebrity Jetsetters and Their Dream Travel Destinations One never runs out of new places to explore.

Traveling is food for the soul. It’s always a good idea to go out of your comfort zone once in a while and set out on a new adventure, explore the world, and see what else is out there. Even for our local celebrities who are always out and about, there’s never a scarcity of interesting new places to discover. Read on as they reveal their ultimate dream travel destinations below.


“I love traveling so much. I often browse the net just to look for beautiful destinations, but Paris has always been my dream destination ever since—I’m not only obsessed with the Eiffel Tower, I also want to visit The Louvre! I love its romantic atmosphere and its historical aura.” – Miles Ocampo

“Paris! OMG! I’ll go on a food trip and just eat—ice cream, crepes, everything. The best!” – Sofia Andres

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“Greece. It's refreshing to see the landscapes, islands, mountains and cities. It's like a peaceful place to live in. I heard the people are nice, and of course, the food's healthy and delicious. – Julie Anne San Jose

“I would love to go to the United States. I know some close friends who live there. They say that there are so many beautiful places I can see when I decide to visit, like the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. I'll probably set a plan to bring my mom and lola so that they will have fun, too. That way, I can spend more time with them while I make my travel dreams come true.” – Sanya Lopez


“Other than Mars, my dream destination would be Dubrovnik or the marble caves in Patagonia, Chile.” – Martine Cajucom

“Last time I went around Italy, I wasn't into blogging and photography yet. I was too young to remember all the details, so I'd love to go there again one day with my future husband, eat all the yummy Italian food, and document everything on my blog!” – Tricia Gosingtian


“Honestly, until now I've never been to Palawan. I've been planning for three summers now but it never happens! It is so amazingly beautiful, and when I do get to go there, I’d just spend time with nature and the sea, and admire how beautiful our world is.” – Yassi Pressman

“For summer, I want to go to the Maldives or the Bahamas. I just want to relax, rest, walk along the shore, and eat. Maybe even try their activities there.” - Bea Binene


"My ultimate dream travel destination is Japan. I've been there twice and I still want to go back every year. I'm so in love with their culture that I even want to spend the day walking around Tokyo wearing crazy, kawaii outfits that I never get to do here and visit shrines in a kimono." - Thea Tolentino

Where is your dream travel destination? Share it with us at the comment box below!

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