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7 Travel Mistakes You’re Making With Your Friends

Avoid these scenarios for a foolproof barkada vacation.
7 Travel Mistakes You’re Making With Your Friends Avoid these scenarios for a foolproof barkada vacation.

We all know that traveling solo is no easy feat, let alone traveling with your friends. It's hard enough to gather everyone for a simple dinner, what more a 3-day beach trip with the whole gang? Just thinking about it makes you want to rip your hair out. 

Since there are many of you, there will be a lot of things to consider when planning a big group trip. Deciding on your destination or budget could turn into a full-blown disaster when not properly accounted for. To give you an idea, here are some factors that we usually overlook when it comes to traveling with your buddies. Here’s to hoping that you'll be able to avoid them on your next barkada getaway. 

1. Not setting a fixed date 

We wish that all members of the barkada will be able to go on the trip. But since we're all busy with our own jobs and families, it's hard to commit knowing that our schedule isn't always certain. It's best to have everyone agree on a fixed date for your vacation so you can finalize the list of your friends who'll be able to attend. If there's already a specific date for your trip, then all other arrangements should go smoothly. 


2. Only one person is planning for the whole group 

We all have than one friend considered as the "Mom" or the "Dad" of the group who acts as the decision-maker. While this works with quick decisions like choosing the restaurant for a get-together, or picking the film for a movie night, planning a trip is a totally different thing. Everyone has varied likes and expectations, and your designated decision-maker would probably be out of his wits while trying to figure out every single one of them. So spare him the headache and do your planning as a group. That way, everyone will have a say when it comes to deciding. 

3. Arranging for transportation and accommodation at the last minute 

The long weekend is just around the corner, and everyone's already excited about the trip since they're banking on it as a reward after weeks of doing nothing but work. You already have an itinerary ready, but what about the transportation and lodging? You figured you could do it at the last minute since there are a lot of options available out there, and you thought booking late will save you money. Alas, other groups had the same idea as yours because everything has been fully booked on the day of your trip. Remember to always consider and finalize transportation and accommodation first when planning trips: competition can be really tight for last-minute deals. 


4. Not setting a flexible itinerary 

So your itinerary has been set. On the first day of your trip to Puerto Princesa, you'll go island hopping at Honda Bay. But that morning, it begins to rain and the boatmen told you and your group that it’s dangerous to sail with that kind of weather. Doing research about your destination would work wonders for your trip. Before you hop on your flight, make sure you always have a Plan B ready in case unavoidable events like weather changes mess up your schedule. We’re sure the last thing you want to happen is to get stuck inside your rooms and play UNO cards all day. 

5. Not setting a flexible budget 

With many of you chipping in for the expenses, a trip with your friends can undoubtedly become cheaper. But prices of commodities don't always stay the same so don’t just bring the right amount of moolah, especially during the peak season. Like with all kinds of trips, always bring extra money in case you suddenly find yourself short. 

6. Spending every second together 

While on your group trip, there could be some things that you want to do by yourself or with your significant other if he’s with you, which can be tough especially if you’re all sticking together like a flock of sheep about to be herded. It's okay to be clingy, but then again, too much of anything is bad. You joined the trip as individuals anyway so it's best to include some free time for yourself in your itinerary. It’s a treat to experience a destination on a personal level, even when you're with your friends. 


7. Being fixated on your phone the whole time 

Taking selfies is fine when you’re in a new place, but having your smartphone zoomed in on your face every second of your trip is just plain rude. Remember that you’re on a trip with friends so you can spend time and have fun with them. Do your barkada a favor and disconnect from your mobile phone for the meantime.

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