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7 Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Photos

Don't be crazy about using filters.
7 Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Photos
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Don't be crazy about using filters.

Wish you could look back to your previous vacation with photos that are more than just a series of weirdly-angled selfies? Here are a few ways to take better travel shots:

1. Have a reliable camera or camera phone that is capable of giving you clear and high-resolution photos.

Many professional photographers now invest in both a DSLR and a camera phone, and while not everybody can be a pro behind the lens, you can still always invest in a mobile device that will help you capture the best moments of your travel.


Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, who is the new face of the newly-lauched Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, explained during a press conference that aside from taking photos of her niece, she also loves documenting her international adventures.

2. For your accommodations, choose a place that's visually unique.

If you want to take photos of beautiful venues, start with your accommodations. While luxury hotels are great, there’s still nothing like the simple, rustic beauty of B&Bs maintained by welcoming locals. These places are not only great for selfies; they can also provide you with reliable information on sights to visit and things to experience.

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3. Make use of natural light.

Many beautiful things happen before the sun rises and after it sets. Play with how daylight can highlight your shots, and how nighttime can cast shadows for drama and flair. Best if you wake up early and you stay out late—a lot of things appear more beautiful in these odd hours.


4. Talk to people.

People make great subjects. Reach out to them, and a lot of them will surprisingly accommodate a shot or two with you.

5. Practice the rule of thirds.


One of the most basic things you need to know to take good photos is the rule of thirds, which, according to Digital Photography School, is “breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have nine parts. The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally.” There are so many ways to utilize the rule of thirds, and there are many schools that offer photography classes where you can learn about them should you be interested in upping your skill.

6. Use filters wisely.


Seriously, there’s no real need to go trigger-happy on your Instagram filters, especially if you’ve already taken your photo in good lighting (see #3). Don’t use filters to make your image look overdone, and instead apply them only to highlight the best features of your shots.

7. Tell a story.


It’s about telling the story of your destination and translating to imagery how it makes you feel. Your shots can be rough, but if you manage to convey what you want to say, then you’re doing it right.

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