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7 Things to Do in Pampanga

Your ultimate summer guide to the province just an hour away from the metro.
7 Things to Do in Pampanga Your ultimate summer guide to the province just an hour away from the metro.

Hitting up Pampanga for the weekend? 

1. Take photos by the Heritage Houses in San Fernando

Your dreams of channeling a modern Maria Clara have been answered. Snap a few OOTD photos against the heritage houses that have been preserved in San Fernando. While you’re at it, you could even commission a kalesa, our version of a horse-drawn carriage, and take it around the block. 


A heritage house on Consunji Street

2. Go off-roading in Sapangbato


The rocky terrain in Sapangbato calls for cruising on a 4X4 with a pristine view alongside you. It could get a little dusty, so don’t forget an extra set of clothes. Plus, it’s best to leave before morning so you could catch the sunrise.

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3. Puning Hot Springs, Porac


While you’re on a 4x4 in Sapangbato, you could stopover at the Puning Hot Springs, a quiet village-looking resort in Porac that’s a scene straight out of Hobbiton. They have a spa where treatments make use of volcanic masks for exfoliation.

4. Food Trip!



Growing up in a Kapampangan household, my grandmother always taught me to eat anything on the table, no matter how weird it got. While everyone knows Pampanga as the capital of sisig, go for the road less traveled and bravely order the betute (stuffed frog) from Everybody’s Café in San Fernando or Abe’s Farm in Magalang.


5. Furniture Shopping in Betis, Guagua


Lorde be damned, you can live like a royal. Guagua is home to many of the woodcraft factories featured in design trade show Manila FAME, including Betis Crafts, where Saudi royals get their furniture from. Fashion girls can also play interior designer and request to have furniture made and delivered. 


6. Wakeboarding in Pradera Wake, Lubao


Wakeboarding has become a popular weekend activity for the young crowd in Pampanga but if you’re a novice, you’ll have to start small. Literally. The beginner’s pools might just go back and forth but it’ll prove to be a challenge and a true test of balance. You’ll get the hang of it after a few laps.


7. Cap off your night at the drive-in theater in Clark

Yes, just like the movies. This one’s a fairly new development in the former airbase but I’ve seen how it works. Drop by the field, with an auto or without, bring some snacks and set up a picnic spread with your trunk open. It’ll be nothing but you, the open air, and a young Leo playing Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island. It’s also free so you can come and go as you please.

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