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7 Stylish Airports Around the World

For delayed flights and OOTD shots.
7 Stylish Airports Around the World For delayed flights and OOTD shots.

Fashionistas all over the globe know that even what you wear to the airport matters. We’ve learned that from the off-duty styles of our favorite models and celebrities. But one thing we tend to overlook is the location itself. Yep, the airport. A lot of lists have already been made, ranking and rating the different services and architectures of airports.  But for jetsetters and fashion girls out there, we rounded up seven of the world’s stylish airports—the perfect spot for your travel 'gram and a welcome addition to the fabulous things you'll be looking forward to when traveling.  

1. Changi Airport, Singapore 


Home to more than a thousand free-flying butterflies, the butterfly garden inside Changi Airport is also filled with orchids. In case you’re not a nature lover, there’s also a pool and cinema waiting for you inside. The Kinetic Rain sculpture is also a stunner!

2. Vancouver International Airport, Canada

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Got no time to visit museums during the trip? No problem! If you happen to visit the Vancouver International Airport, then you’ve got yourself covered with regards to art. Plus, the best airport in North America for five straight years contains five thousand marine creatures, too!  

3. Samui Airport, Thailand 


Hotel? Resort? Nope, it’s actually a gateway to a multitude of destinations. Bangkok Airways came up with this unique kind of airstrip in order to cater to the needs of their passengers—flying, relaxing, and unwinding in order to naturally blend with the island’s revitalizing aura. 

4. Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates


Knowing Dubai for its impeccable talent and eye for building infrastructures, we aren’t surprised that its airport’s the largest terminal in the world. Still, aside from its size, the airport boasts the most stunning interior design, too.   

5. Madrid-Barajas Airport, Spain 

Want to feel like you’re in a dystopian world? Take a trip to the busiest airport in Spain and be astonished by the canopy of rainbow-colored trees and disc-shaped lights. It comes close to living out your sci-fi fantasies.  

6. Wellington International Airport, New Zealand


With a comfortable waiting area like this, who wouldn’t be patient enough to wait for their flight? It’s all about lights and shapes. 

7.  Munich Airport, Germany 


For the minimalist who also loves a good massage, this glass-and-steel terminal is heaven. Speaking of which, there is also a prayer room for those who want a bit of quiet and a brewery for those who want to steep themselves in the finest brews while in the land of overflowing beer.

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