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All the New K-Dramas You Can Watch on iFlix for Free This August

Binge-watch to you heart's content!
All the New K-Dramas You Can Watch on iFlix for Free This August
Binge-watch to you heart's content!

If you're still running on that K-drama high, you're in luck because free streaming service iFlix just added a bunch of new films and TV series to their library that will surely satisfy your Korean binge. 

Check out your potential seven new obsessions, below:


1. Along with the Gods 

Currently South Korea's third highest grossing film, this fantasy drama starts at the untimely death of a fireman, who's taken away by three of afterlife's guardians to a succession of trials that will determine his fate for the rest of eternity. 

Starring: Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang Gi

2. The Outlaws

Based on a true story, The Outlaws is a crime drama film centering on a dangerous turf war between a local gang and a vicious group from China called "Heuksapa," as a team of law enforcers work to restore peace in their neighbourhood.

Starring: Ma Dong-Seok, Yoon Kya-sang

3. Love Forecast (Streaming on August 26)

In this romantic-comedy, a mild-mannered school teacher is forced to sit back as the childhood friend he's secretly been in love with for 18 years jumps around between her feelings for a married man and a boring photographer.


Starring: Moon Chae-won, Lee Seung-gi, Jung joon-young

4. Ode to My Father (August 26)

Ode to My Father is the story of a man prepared to hurdle across great lengths in order to reunite with his family after being separated amid wartime Korea.

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Starring: Hwang Jung-min, Yunjin Kim

TV Series

5. Welcome to Waikiki

Three aspiring artists join together in a guesthouse venture in order to fund their upcoming film. However, after a slew of mishaps ensue, they soon find that managing the Waikiki Guesthouse isn't as easy as it seems.

Starring: Lee Yi-kyung, Shin Hyun-soo, Jung In-sun

6. Ms. Hammurabi

This courtroom drama follows the unlikely team-up between an empathic judge and a principled rookie as they attempt to navigate the South Korean legal justice system.

Starring: L, Go Ara, Lee Elijah

7. Sky Castle

The satirical drama follows a group of ambitious noblewomen living in the luxurious residential area of Sky Castle; they're prepared to do just about anything to push their kids into success, no matter the cost.


Starring: Kim Hye-yoon, Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Bo-ra

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