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6 Types of Food to Avoid When You Have Your Period

Your favorite comfort food may only end up causing you discomfort.
6 Types of Food to Avoid When You Have Your Period Your favorite comfort food may only end up causing you discomfort.

For most of us girls, that week-long menstrual period is our most dreaded time of the month. It never fails to bring in cramps, bad mood, and often-intolerable pain. But the worst part? This also means we have to cut down on our favorite snacks. Below, we list down the six types of food you need to avoid whenever Aunt Flo decides to pay you a visit.

1. Fatty Meat

When you’re suffering from cramps during your period, consuming meat with saturated fat can actually worsen the pain and inflammation. That might even be the cause of it, to tell you frankly. So even if you’re craving, we suggest you just opt for fish, lean meat, and beans.

2. Ice Cream

Forget about that divine pint of Ben and Jerry’s during your period because, apparently, ice cream and other dairy products (cheese included, ugh!) are high in fats, and therefore have the same effect as fatty meats. To nurse your craving, go for non-dairy gelato without added sugar—and we bet you, it’s a lot BETTER.

3. Salty Snacks, Chips, and Canned Foods

Your favorite comfort food may only cause discomfort during menstrual period. Anything processed often contains high amounts of sodium, causing bloating and even more pain. Grab some unsalted nuts instead!

4. Sweets

Just like fatty meats and dairy products, your favorite sweets are a big no-no during that dreaded time of the month. Sweets like candies, chocolates, and even cookies add to the discomfort caused by cramps. It can worsen your mood swings, too, we tell you. So instead, just get some sweet fresh fruits that are way better in all aspects.

5. Coffee

Your daily pick-me-upper might just let you down during period. Studies reveal that caffeine worsens menstrual cramps and causes sleep difficulties and agitated moods. A cup of tea is a good alternative.


6. Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are said to increase symptoms of PMS and cramps, so try avoiding it when your schedule says your monthly period is approaching. Moreover, alcohol acts as blood thinner, which increases your flow and causes even more discomfort. Abstain from it for a week and enjoy some clean, distilled water. You can do it, girl! 


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