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Here's Why We're Excited About Gabbi Garcia's Upcoming Single

Yep, she's an actress-turned-singer!
Here's Why We're Excited About Gabbi Garcia's Upcoming Single
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Yep, she's an actress-turned-singer!

Hold on tight, because golden girl Gabbi Garcia's got a new trick up her sleeve: her very first single is set to drop this October 23! In anticipation of her first foray into music, we sit down with the actress-turned-singer herself for a sneak peek into her latest venture. Exciting!

What's the song's genre? Is there a certain sound you went for? A reference?


"It’s RNB, a very chill song. I wanted it to be relatable, especially to teenagers."

Any musical inspirations? Which artist/s did you look to to form your sound?

"I really like the music of June MarieezyDoja Cat, and Jess Connelly."

Why did you choose Hong Kong for the music video's setting? Any significance to the song? 

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"For me, traveling serves as an escape from reality, symbolic to being able to redeem and to find yourself again. I chose Hong Kong because of its edgy ambiance—you'll see me surrounded by streetlights and the city's overall grit."

What does the song remind you of?

"It reminds me of how much you should value yourself. Self worth, self respect, and self love. "


How long have you been working on the single?

"Around three to four months! We started last July, but the whole idea of creating my music came around last year."

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