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6 Restrooms with Perfect Selfie Lighting

Love yourself(ie).
6 Restrooms with Perfect Selfie Lighting Love yourself(ie).

Self-appreciation is sexy. While several reasons are accountable for why we dress the way we do, nothing trumps the confidence that exudes from dolling-up for ourselves and no one else. It starts with the token piece in our closets that screams redemption. Perhaps it’s a signature dress that highlights the curves and cinches the waist perfectly, or even the boyfriend shirt that masks the frump with an effortless Parisian chic illusion. The narrative of self-love continues with our beauty game. Whether or not it’s bare and au naturel, or made up with a look that highlights our best features. The real triumph is not when you elicit compliments from others, but when you see yourself in the mirror and feel your beauty shine through.

And more often than not, this story ends in a selfie. For maximum post-appreciation results, we recommend a well-lit one. To see beauty is to see light, but in the case of this curated snap, it’s the other way around. While we may not be blessed with the Kardashian sisters’ fluorescent-lit cellphone cases, we have enough effulgent powder rooms to dispel the darkness. 


A wise woman once said, “Give light and people will find the way.” Proving truth to that statement, we’ve scouted the newest sites for your self-portrait adventure guaranteed to get you admiration from both yourself and your Instagram following. 

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1. Botan Black Café, Bonifacio Global City

With its heavily accented black furniture and colossal windows, the mood that emanates from this café is contemporary cool. However, do not be deceived by this Taiwanese café’s stark hues. Its your #TaiwanAndOnly salvation for a radiant selfie. The powder room is bright with its play of white on white fixtures and glows even more with a fluorescent chandelier hanging above. It’s diffused lighting that covers all areas of the space makes it the ideal spot for a simple beauty selfie that doesn’t even need a filter.


2. Grace Park, One Rockwell 

Because this quaint lavatory is located underneath the restaurant’s staircase, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s a sacred selfie sanctuary. The small space allows for maximum lighting and the white tiles only add to its luminosity. While turning on your front-camera will already provide you with a good photo, the place simply demands a mirror selfie. Add a little character to your photo by taking it against a reflective surface. Or in this case, multiple ones. 


3. Lobby, The Peninsula Manila, Makati City

Manila Pen’s lobby is a go-to spot for afternoon tita lunches, formal business meetings, or for getting a few cocktails post-work. The hotel’s iconic reputation goes without saying, so let us leave you with these words. The next time you take a trip to the ladies’ room for a quick touch-up, make the most out of their lavish powder room’s subdued gold décor and incandescent lighting for a glamorous portrait. And the best part is, there are two full-length mirrors that entrance your path so that you can double-check your ensemble too. 


4. Shell Fuel Station, C5

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. Tucked away in the midst of cars stuck in traffic and the concrete metropolis is this larger than usual gas station. But what’s more unusual than its size is its restroom that dissipates a breath of fresh, smog-free air. Complete with air-conditioning, an LCD television, orchids, and even bookshelves. But for pure beauty girl indulgence, it has a long mirror circled by lights—almost resembling a ring light. For those who struggle with their selfies, look at your reflection and adjust the alignment of your phone to frame your face accordingly. 


5. Second Floor, Rustan’s Department Store, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

There are just some places that make you feel like a princess. And this restroom is one of them. Of course, one of the factors is that it’s located on the same floor as luxury brands for women’s wear. But the primary reasons can be found in its lavender-painted walls, ornamental chandeliers, and large mirrors for your selfie and non-selfie needs. With interiors as pristine as this, go ahead. Take as many photos as you want for as long as you want. We’re confident you won’t mind. 


6. Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

If Muji had a restroom, then Estancia’s would be it. It carries the brand’s same Japanese aesthetic with its off-white geometric fixtures and lucent mise en scene. To achieve the minimal and zen visual look of the East Asians, snap a photo where the light beams on your face the best. And for added oriental flair, you can even utilize the linear art that greets you outside as a backdrop.

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