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6 Christmas Gifts Your Friends Secretly Hate Receiving

6 Christmas Gifts Your Friends Secretly Hate Receiving Let's try to be more creative and less generic, shall we?

We still have a few days left before the 25th of December, which means you still have time for those last-minute Christmas shopping errands. But just a word of advice: be more creative and less generic this year, will you please?

Below, some examples of the gifts that your friends secretly hate receiving:

1. Figurines


Unless it’s a Darth Vader collectible you’re planning to give to a Star Wars geek, just don’t. Trust us when we tell you that it’s only going to end up collecting dust in a messy corner somewhere.

2. Hand Towels

You might as well include a note that says “sorry, I totally forgot to get you a gift so I just grabbed something real quick at the department store’s home section.”

3. Toiletries

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However short of time you are, please stop yourself from purchasing that cliché bottle of lavender-scented liquid soap.

4. Picture Frames

If it has a photo of you and your best friend that captures a special moment shared together, then fine, that’s a good excuse. But if it comes with a generic family photo, or worse, none at all, then there could be no valid explanation other than the fact that you obviously didn’t care enough to think of a nicer present.

5. Notebooks

Your friend will no doubt thank you, but make no mistake, that’s only out of courtesy. Especially if it’s just some random spiral notebook, thanks, but no thanks.

6. Mugs


We’re betting our bottom dollar that, whoever it is you’re planning to give that to, he/she already has plenty of those stored in their kitchen cupboard. 

Can you think of others? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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