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5 Wedding Planning Tips We Learned From Tricia Gosingtian

This top blogger is handling her engagement like a pro!
5 Wedding Planning Tips We Learned From Tricia Gosingtian This top blogger is handling her engagement like a pro!

The news about Tricia Gosingtian's engagement to RG Gabunada, her boyfriend of five years, broke roughly two months ago. And already, we can just imagine how kawaii their wedding will be! The 27-year-old blogger has standout personal style that she's known for, and we're pretty sure it's not going to be any different when she walks down the aisle. But despite all the wedding planning stress, how exactly does a bride-to-be go about all of it in style? Below are five helpful tips we learned from Tricia herself.

1. Know which things to prioritize. Prepare a checklist if you must!

"First things first - ceremony and reception venues. These are the most important things on anyone's wedding planning list.”

2. Book your chosen venue and suppliers early.

“We wanted to get the venues done ASAP since we want to get married January of next year, and we all know how hard it is to book suppliers and venues around December to January, which is the peak season for weddings. Next part? Book the whole-day suppliers like the videographer and the photographer. I've always had my eyes on certain people even before getting engaged!"


3. Never settle.

"The worst part [about wedding planning] is being indecisive because there are too many options when it comes to the smaller details. It's supposedly easy to choose since we've got my personal style down pat, but it also makes us a bit uncompromising with the look and style that we want to achieve."

4. Pinterest is your best friend.

"[For my wedding dress,] I have about a hundred pegs pinned on my Pinterest right now, which is surprising because I thought I already knew what I wanted. But when you have so many pretty dresses to choose from, who can blame you? I wish I could try on wedding dresses to see what kind of style would suit me the most!"

5. Enjoy the process!

"Best part is having to work with my fiancé on everything related to the wedding. I think the wedding planning is part of the journey to becoming closer as a couple.”

Photos via @tgosingtian on Instagram

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