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5 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Grab some popcorn!
5 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend
Grab some popcorn!

Planning for a chill weekend? Then it's time for another binge-watching session. For maximum comfort and relaxation, maybe you should revisit your old favorites and relish in their excellence once more. Below's a list of TV shows that we loved, love, and will always love. You know you love these, too!

1. Gossip Girl

Starting this roller coaster of a show from the beginning will have you feeling nostalgic in a snap. Take another look at Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's outfits and dramatic lives in this six-season hit and feel ten times better about the lack of drama in yours.

2. Don't Trust B in Apartment 23

It's unfair how this show only got two seasons. Krysten Ritter's character as the cunning, fearless, and stylish B is a TV icon you'll always want to go back to. So kick up your feet and prepare to laugh at her and her roommate June's antics in this banger.


3. Emily Owens, MD

If you're still struggling with the realities of #adulting, let Emily show you that you're not alone, and that real life can be just as brutal as high school. It's a show for anyone who wants to be hit with reality bites while having a good laugh. P.S. We're still annoyed that it only lasted 13 episodes.

4. Community

For those who want to take it back to college days, Jeff Winger and his Spanish study group have you in for a treat. This show has six full seasons of serious life lessons hidden inside hilarious twists and turns. It wouldn't last this long if it wasn't amazing, right?

5. How to Get Away With Murder

Before it returns for its third season, revisit the lies, manipulation, and blood shed in the name of the law in HTGAWM. It's surely something you can watch in one sitting without any regrets, because there's so much to keep your eye on. And yes, that includes Jack Falahee.

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Take your pick and get ready for the chillest weekend ever!

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