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5 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S7 Is a Fashion Girl's BFF

You can selfie underwater.
5 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S7 Is a Fashion Girl's BFF You can selfie underwater.

What’s your criterion when shopping for a new phone? Are you heavily influenced by your loyalty to a specific brand or do you just want it simply because everyone else has it? For us, one of the main things we look at is the camera. I mean, what else are phones for other than taking double tap-worthy IG content, right? (We kid.) Just last week, we dropped by the launch of a photo exhibit by photographers BJ Pascual and Mark Nicdao who swapped their SLRs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to capture breath-taking scenes caught in low light and underwater. Here we rundown the five things we love about this phone and why it should be the fashion girl’s new BFF.


1. It takes great photos in low light.

Perfect if you want to capture a dramatic photo of your candle lit dinner date with bae.


2. It allows you to take motion photos


The phone lets you record a couple seconds of video leading up to the final frame where the photo is captured. Now you can see your photos coming to life!


3. It lets you selfie underwater.

Hate having to put your phone in a tacky plastic case just to keep it protected when you go for a dip? With this phone’s water and dust resistance feature, you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it in the pool. Heck, you can even use it underwater and snap photos!


4. Use the Tracking AF to take photos of things in motion.

Anyone who’s ever sat front row of a fashion show knows how hard it is to take a decent photo of the model walking. Usually we end up with blurred photos which hardly show the outfit. But by turning this setting on, you can now take snapshots of things in motion without having to worry about that motion blur.

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5. The lens lets you compose your photos better.

This totally changes your flatlay game as the lens naturally throws the background out of focus when the subject is pretty close. Now you can add depth to your foodstagrams and product shots and compose them better. 

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