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5 Things Guys Should Do Before Proposing to a Fashion Girl

Listen up, boys!
5 Things Guys Should Do Before Proposing to a Fashion Girl Listen up, boys!

It's mid-June and although there has been a shift in wedding season (more couples are opting to tie the knot between November to February), wedding bells are still ringing quite loudly. If the love in the air just made you realize that you have already met the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, then boy do we have a few tips for you. If the woman you intend to propose to happens to be a fashion girl, a millennial, or both, below are a few things you need to add to your checklist before the big ask. 

1. Find an accomplice. 

Whether it's mom, sister, or BFF, getting some help will make your life easier. Assuming that you've already asked her parents for their daughter's hand in marriage, figure out who the best white liar is and seek her help. She will come in handy for numbers two through five. 


2. Pick an IG-worthy venue that means something to you both.

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She will probably want to document this special moment in her life so it would be best to find a venue that will look great in photos. If you know your partner from the inside-out, which should be the case by now, then be sure to think about what she would want. Is she the type who has no interest in all the fuss and attention, or does she like it when you go all-out cheesy? If you both love going to the beach, why not do it at your favorite resort? If she's close to her family, then why not make them a part of it? You can even propose in her room while you're watching GoT, if that's your thing. That said, you might want to get your photog or videographer friend in on the planning.


3. Find out if she wants a ring to begin with. 

Haven't you seen the movie Sex and the City, where Big proposed to Carrie with a pair of royal blue, bejweled Manolo Blahniks? Not all womenespecially fashion girlsare interested getting a ring. Dig deep and think hard, does your girl care much about jewelry? Try to be creative and unique, but if she does turn out to be the ring type, make sure to get the right size. Majority of men get this detail wrong thinking it's easy to just have it resized after. But if you have accomplice number one to help you, there's no need for that hassle, right? 

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4. Make sure her fingernails are proposal-ready. 


Be the thoughtful guy any girl would want to marry by thinking about things like her nails. Ask your accomplice to drag your future fiancée out on a relaxing nail salon date and guide her to picking a nice neutral shade. She will, after all, post this on social media. This will give you bonus points, and a little extra if you offer to pay for it, too. 


5. Make sure she looks her best. 

A fashion girl will probably want to look her best for when this day comes, so be nice and think about her! Don't propose in the middle of the day under the scorching sun when she's all sweaty, nor when you reach the top of a mountain when she's parched, panting, and haggard. She doesn't have to be dressed in heels and full makeup, just make sure she feels comfortable and confident. Tell her you're taking her out on a date, that should do the trick. 

Good luck!

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