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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counter

Find the perfect peg that matches your interior style.
5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counter Find the perfect peg that matches your interior style.

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a bathroom is by organizing the counter and adding a few well-thought-out details that complete a lovely vignette.

A themed setup—consisting of your essentials and charming storage pieces—is enough to brighten up this most-used area at home. If you're looking for ideas, here are five photos and easy ideas to help you on your way:

Achieve a tropical-inspired corner

(Photo from Love This Pic)

Create a simple Zen spot in your bathroom by coming up with a tropical-inspired setup with hints of Asian decor. Choose a dark wooden tray and fill it with catchalls in earth tones. These mini bowls and ceramics can hold cotton balls, cotton buds, and even your bath salts. Complete the look with a ceramic incense burner, a couple of abaca balls, and a potted orchid if you're feeling fancy.

Add character with a rustic number

(Photo from Whimsy Girl)

 If you've always loved the country style or if a rustic-inspired haven is on top of your wish list, you can work with a tiered wooden tray with a distressed finish. It would look perfect on top of a marble countertop and against a neutral palette. You don't necessarily have to buy a tray for this purpose, simply look around the home for a slightly worn-out piece you can clean and use.

Once the tray is clean, neatly arrange folded hand towels on top and the catchalls for essentials on the lower tiers. Keep it from being boring by adding small potted plants that can thrive without sunlight.

Work on a sophisticated and spa-like vignette

(Photo from The Perth Soap)

There's nothing like a refreshing pop of color and a nature-inspired vibe to welcome another day. Keep your counter timeless by opting for classic and elegant pieces like copper and gold accessories. Choose a sleek metallic tray to hold everything together—including your makeup staples and a vase of fresh blooms.


RL Tip: You can create a spa-like ambiance by adding a few scented candles, three to four bottles of essential oils, and glass jars filled with bath salts.

Keep it simple and industrial

(Photo from Happiness is Homemade)

For those who don't fancy a few luxurious details here and there can still create an impact by working with a vintage tray with a rusted effect on the handles. Keep it from looking like an eyesore by sprucing it up with fresh white towels and toiletries with beautiful packaging.

Go the minimalist route

(Photo from Harper's Bazaar)

You can have a stylish bathroom even with only a few pieces. Achieve a sleek and streamlined bathroom counter by working with a white wooden tray and white accessories. To avoid a plain and dull setup, you can also include a chic accessory holder as part of your vignette. Use it to display some of your favorite necklaces and bracelets to give it a personal feel.

RL Tip: As much as possible, curate the items that you place on the tray to keep it organized and pleasing to the eyes.

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