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5 Reasons Why You Need to Read "The Selection" Book Series Before It Becomes a Movie

It will be by the same director who filmed Me Before You.
5 Reasons Why You Need to Read "The Selection" Book Series Before It Becomes a Movie It will be by the same director who filmed Me Before You.

If you are one of those fashionistas who loved Lou Clark’s most fashionable moments in the latest tear-jerking movie, Me Before You, then prepare your heart-emoji eyes once more because its director Thea Sharrock is cooking up a new surprise for you: The Selection series' film adaptation is finally on its way!

Author Kiera Cass took to her Twitter last Friday the big announcement. 


The target date as to when this movie will be released is still yet to be announced, but now is definitely the perfect time for fashion lovers to catch up and read the internationally-acclaimed series. Ladies-in-waiting, here are the reasons why you need to flip through the pages of this novel before it hits the film theaters.

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1. The book covers are too pretty to be ignored.

Don't tell us those covers didn’t catch your attention even for a bit. Although we do agree that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we believe it's more than enough reason to give it a chance.


2. The plot is what every fashion girl dreams of.

The protagonist, America Singer, is one of the chosen 35 girls who compete for the crown. So, yes, you can expect a lot of catfights and hair pulling schemes from the competitors. What's more, there's even a love triangle involving a dreamy prince and a charming royal guard.

3. The gowns that the characters wear are described in detail.

Considering that the royal family seems to never to run out of events to host, there are countless styles of fancy dresses mentioned in the books. There are even stylists and designers included, so you can expect to learn a thing or two about hairstyling and putting on makeup. 


4. It will make you want to live in the palace.  

This book will have you fantasizing about fairytales! The author's in-depth description of the different quarters of the palace will make your imagination run wild. Think romantic gardens, sophisticated drawing rooms, and even the majestic library.

5. You'll know what to expect from the movie. 

When it comes to film adaptations, most people would agree that the book is almost always better than the movie, but you might as well see for yourself. In case the film fails to deliver the most promising fashion moments written in the book, at least you were able to visualize it ahead of everyone else.

Photos from The Selection - Official Book Trailer

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