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5 Ideas to Steal From Celebrity Bathrooms

Give your bathroom a makeover!
5 Ideas to Steal From Celebrity Bathrooms Give your bathroom a makeover!

After a long and stressful day, what do you look forward to the most? Some of us prefer a good meal, others would love to shop, while there are those who welcome the thought of a relaxing bath.

To be able to enjoy the perks of your bathroom, it needs to be clean, organized, and complete with a soothing vibe. If you have been planning to give your bathroom a makeover, you may want to start with a few simple updates and easy improvement projects. Looking for pegs? These celebrity spaces may just be what you're looking for:

1. Opt for a faux wall treatment.

(Photo by Rene Mejia)

Even if your guests can't see your private bathroom, you should still make an effort to liven up its walls. In Nikki Gil's bathroom, the floors and one wall feature a wooden-like material to maintain the tropical theme of the house.

If you also have a specific theme in mind, you may opt to decorate your walls with paint, wall art, and interesting treatments such as paint splatters and marbling, to name a few.

2. Choose a black-and-white theme.


(Photos by Mike Dee)

 For a minimalist touch, you may work with a black-and-white theme similar to Toni Gonzaga's bathroom. Work with white fixtures and pair it with black tiles. 

RL Tip: We also love how this bathroom utilizes a towel ladder to organize Toni's towels! If you don't have a space for baskets or shelves where you can keep fresh towels, you may also work with something similar or a wooden piece.

3. Work with an accent color.

(Photo by Mike Dee)

 If you already have a plain bathroom, you don't need to work on something drastic in a snap. Add small decor pieces in vibrant colors or a chair with an interesting hue to add a pop of color to the space.


Another idea? Pair white tiles with colored ones. In Alex Gonzaga's bathroom, light pink tiles add a dainty touch to the bathroom. You may also want to consider mosaic options.

4. Work with an interesting mirror.

(Photo by Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions)

 We're used to seeing round mirrors in the bathroom or rectangular ones taking up an entire wall. Create a statement in your bathroom by opting for a vintage piece or a mirror with ornate details—similar to what Bianca King has in her space.

Visit secondhand shops or vintage stores to look for mirrors that you can add to your space. If you've found the one, spruce it up with spray paint or you can also create a distressed finish.

5. Add his-and-hers sinks.


(Photo by Rene Mejia)

 In this bathroom found in Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama's home, his-and-hers sinks make the space more efficient and functional. If you are sharing the bathroom with other members of the family, you may also want to have an extra sink so that you can move around freely and have extra space for your essentials.

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