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5 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Pampered Pets

Their wardrobes are purrrfect!
5 Hollywood Celebrities and Their Pampered Pets
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/cecildelevingne
Their wardrobes are purrrfect!

It’s typical for celebrities to have their own pets. After all, they’re also human. But then again, they’re well-known personalities, so it’s no surprise that these A-lister owners spoil their baby animals to the point where they also shop clothes and accessories for them. 

So in case you’re a curious kitten or actually planning to do it to your own pets (of course, you can!), here are some of the inspirational Hollywood artists who play dress-up with their pets. 

1. Simon Cowell


Contrary to popular belief, this seemingly heartless judge of The X Factor and American Idol has some puppy love! 

2. Miley Cyrus 

Before Liam Hemsworth came back into the life of the Wrecking Ball singer, Miley couldn’t keep her hands off pet Bubba Sue. She adores her so much, she even got the lucky pig a manicure! 

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3. Cara Delevingne 

Cecil the bunny is living Cara’s fans’ dream—accompanying the supermodel-turned-actress on photoshoots, movie sets, and hanging out with her famous friends. Apparently, this cottontail's got a penchant for Chanel

4. Katy Perry 


The well-known cat woman (at least she and Taylor still have something in common, right?) has had felines for quite some time now. She likes dolling them up with cat-inspired costumes, styling her kittens, and has even released cat-inspired signature fragrances. Their enlisted names? Purr and Meow. 

5. Kris Jenner


Who could ever forget the controversial KUWTK episode where Kim and her sisters gifted their momager a chimpanzee? At first, this didn’t seem like a monkey business for Kris since she quite enjoyed feeding and clothing the chimp. 

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