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5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Books

You won't be needing bulky shelves with these ideas.
5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Books You won't be needing bulky shelves with these ideas.

Even with the rise of e-books, nothing beats the comfort of sitting down with a book that you can actually hold. From paperbacks to graphic novels or magazines, we sometimes find ourselves drowning in piles that could potentially clutter our homes. 

Luckily, books can also be an amazing addition to your home decor. Whether you are running out of shelf space or you simply want to showcase your extensive collection, we've gathered five photo pegs that can help you put your spare copies to good use!

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1. If you can't find the perfect piece of decor to complete your display, consider using books with similar-colored spines as an accent piece instead. Match with neutral hues and metallics to make it stand out.

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2. For those who have too many books to display, it's best to invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves that can double as the feature wall in your living area. Aside from your favorite reads, try adding interesting knick knacks you've collected from your travels to give it character. 

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3. Living in an ancestral home? Chances are, you've got an unused fireplace. Make sure to clean it out before organizing your books in your new makeshift cubbyhole!  

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4. No side table? No problem! Build one yourself by making a tower out of hardbound copies. Consider using hefty coffee table books and art references to keep your mini-tower from tipping over. 

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5. Take your side table a notch higher by converting it into a bigger centertable. To do this, build four small piles of books and make sure they have the same height. Decorate the surface with one-of-a-kind items for an eclectic look. 

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