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3 Ways to Hint at the Gift You Want from Your S.O.

Help him out!
3 Ways to Hint at the Gift You Want from Your S.O.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s one occasion when you hope your S.O. had already made plans to celebrate the holiday. If you like being surprised, you might want to have a friend send this video to your guy to give him a fresh idea for a personalized present. (Hot tip: This is perfect for any milestone occasion, too!)

In the case of content creator Janina Manipol and her beau Sebastien Gilbert, Preview, Esquire, and Pandora set up a plan for Seb to surprise her with a wearable gift that’s both unique and meaningful. Watch what happened:

Why not give your beau a leg up in the gifting department? Truth is, he likely wants to make sure that your eyes light up once you open that box. Don’t keep him guessing—here are some tricks to secretly let him in on what you want:

Show him.
Regularly gush about something you can’t stop thinking about. Declaring, “I’m so in love with this bracelet I just tried on,” combined with showing him photos of said item on the regular, is sure to ingrain it into his memory.

Tell him.
If it’s a special experience you want, let him know that. Casually talk about a fantasy getaway you’d love to take together or how dreamy it would be to dine under the stars in one of the metro’s cool rooftop restaurants. Again, if you talk about it often enough, it will be sure to pop in his head when he gets around to making plans.

Do it yourself.
Who says you can’t take charge of a situation? Many a fashion-loving gal has spared her partner the grief of hunting for the perfect pressie by helping a guy out and picking it herself. This strategy works best, however, if your comfort level with each other is high and communication lines very open. In other words, you’ve been a couple for a while.

All this said, nothing beats the thrill of something unexpected that comes from the heart. So, every so often, do let go of the reins and give him the pleasure of surprising you.

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