Georgina, Solenn and BJ on the Phone Photography Tricks You Need Now StyleBible Preview

Georgina, Solenn and BJ on the Phone Photography Tricks You Need Now

Plus: they might just be part of fashion’s next must-see exhibit!
Georgina, Solenn and BJ on the Phone Photography Tricks You Need Now

Is your phone your prime hub for calling and texting, or has your phone camera become the main reason why you lug a phone around? Either way, thank you, technology for being the gift that keeps on giving. Think about it, Instagram posts and Snapchat stories are as important as that text you send your squad. High-quality camera phones are doubly necessary for the image-loving fashion girl, especially when every moment of her life is a social media post waiting to happen.

You know what they say, “If it’s not on Instagram, it never happened!” Let these three fashion personalities school you on taking photos even when shoot conditions are less than fashion photoshoot-ready.

BJ Pascual: “Yes, you can take images in low lighting!”

Gone are the days when dark surroundings produced grainy photos that end up getting deleted. Nowadays you can take photos even in the comforts of an intimate speakeasy or an evening concert—all it takes is a phone that can do it! To nail that selfie, you need to rethink what a phone can do with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It’s more than just a cam-phone; it’s the next generation that dares to go beyond!

Want to see the results of this photoshoot in all its low lit-but-fabulous glory? Read on.

Georgina Wilson: “Make your pictures look fashion editorial-worthy by taking glow-in-the-dark images with your phone."

Who says it takes a well-orchestrated fashion production to mount a glow-in-the-dark editorial? Pick a phone with the ability to make colors pop out in severe darkness, and see your pictures clock in tons of likes.

Could the stills of George in her high fashion glow-in-the-dark makeup look as amazing as the video? Keep scrolling!

Solenn Heusaff: "When taking photos underwater, hold your pose longer."

Swimming with the whalesharks or on a scuba-diving expedition? Make sure you nail your underwater photo by posing a little bit longer than you would on dry land to nail a steady shot. A phone with an advanced underwater feature will do the trick.

Want to stare at blown up versions of Solenn’s awesome underwater shots? You can, soon enough!

See how gorg Solenn was in the underwater photo shoot by ace lensman Mark Nicdao, and see Georgina glow in her photos by BJ Pascual in the first fashion exhibit of its kind, Samsung S7 edge | S7 Presents: Dark Blue, with breathtaking shots captured by a Samsung Galaxy S7. Head to Samsung’s Facebook page for more updates.

Take on the challenge like BJ, Georgina, and Solenn, and take photos as they appear in your favorite glossies with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, featuring DSLR-like quality images with its IP68 water and dust-resistance for underwater photography, Dual Pixel camera sensors that allow more light to seep into each photo, making it the ideal camera for photo sessions in low lighting, upgrading the way your camera takes photos, all in one handy smartphone.

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