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25 Questions with Raymond Ang

We talk millenials and the lost art of reading books.
25 Questions with Raymond Ang We talk millenials and the lost art of reading books.

We sit down with the 27-year old editor behind Made of Bricks (an imprint under Summit Books) for this month's 25 Questions, and find out what keeps Raymond Ang so busy these days. Read an excerpt of the interview below:

Can you dance the swing?

 All I know about dancing, I learned from Will Smith’s dance tutorial in Hitch.

How many Facebook friends do you have?


Last song syndrome?

Tobias Jesso Jr.’s “Can We Still Be Friends.”

What is comfort food for you?

Sushi! If you’re eating it properly, you kind of have to do a little ritual for every piece. It forces you to take your time and slow down. It’s like meditation—but with rice.

How much weight would you like to lose?

None, but I wouldn’t mind trading bodies with Zac Efron!

Favorite vegetable?

Baby tomatoes.

Prescription to mend a broken heart:

Blue, Blood on the Tracks, and a big bowl of pasta.

Name your favorite pinoy moment:

We don’t exactly live in the most ideal of countries, but I love how we’re still so tenaciously happy.

What would you give up for world peace?


What did you discover about yourself while making Push?

Working on the book was a study in humility—to ask for help when needed, to appreciate the potential of the opportunity, and to be at the beck and call of artistas’ schedules.

Read the rest of Raymond's 25 Questions in this month's issue here

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