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25 Questions with Lauren Reid

Get to know the up and coming It Girl.
25 Questions with Lauren Reid
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Get to know the up and coming It Girl.

Well, we called it (okay, her brother did but nonetheless) as soon as actor and resident TV heartthrob James Reid let the world know what it was missing out on, we knew we had to get up close and personal ASAP with the girl who's turning heads and gaining momentum in the industry.

We asked the fresh-faced beauty a quick round of questions to let everyone know her a little better as she makes her first steps into the spotlight. She’s a charismatic fitspiration who has more to offer than just a pretty face with the signature Reid gaze. And indeed, she does more than impress—she intrigues. There’s definitely more to Lauren Reid than just the weight of her last name, and she’s proving to be a budding talent with a promising career. So far, she’s off to a strong start.



Hello, Lauren! How would you describe yourself in just three to four words?

"This is a tough question I get asked a lot. There are so many versions of a person because there is a time and place for everything. [I] have an honest and transparent personality but I’m also a chameleon!"

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Who’s your favorite artist or band? Film or TV series?

"Notorious B.I.G. I’m a sucker for '90s hip hop. [As for] TV series: How I Met Your Mother."

Who has been the biggest influence or inspiration in your life?

"My siblings. I love seeing the directions that they’ve all gone [to] in life and they have all inspired me in one way or another."

How do you feel about the big move from Australia to the Philippines? Did you move here at the same time as James? How do you feel about your increasing fanbase?

"I’ve been wanting to move to the Philippines for a while now, to spend some quality time with my family. James moved here when we were 16 and I remained in Australia. I only made a permanent move to the Philippines this year. [As for my fanbase], I am just so in awe with it all still! [I am] 100% flattered and want to do nothing more than entertain and inspire."



You love to post selfies like any fashion girl, but we also noticed that you can rock so many beauty looks. Do you do your own makeup?

"On a regular basis and up until my first ever photo shoot? Then yes, I do my own makeup. It’s not often I wear makeup however, I’m usually barefaced from the gym!"  


Do you have any makeup essentials?

"I’m a fan of the no-makeup makeup look. Tinted moisturizers or skin tints are a winner for me. [They give] light coverage, aren’t heavy on the skin, AND still give you an even complexion! Winner."

We believe that skincare is just as important as good makeup. What's in your beauty regimen?

"KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. Our skin needs to breathe! Slathering on product after product is counterproductive in my book. I wash my face with a facial soap bar then moisturize with a sunscreen combination cream."

You revealed on Twitter that you once had to withdraw from Miss Philippines Earth in 2012. Would you ever consider entering the local pageant scene again? What advocacies/organizations do you support?


"I haven’t really thought about it actually. I loved the idea of Miss Earth because of what it advocates: sustainability, environmental wellbeing, climate change, etc. "


Okay, let’s talk fashion. How would you describe your style?

"Simple. Comfortable. Practical. I love the idea of outgoing and colorful outfits but I usually revert back to my comfy blacks, whites, and denims."

If you could trade closets with anyone in the world, whose closet would it be?

"Mark Zuckerberg, Steve JobsBarack Obama. They have the best minimalist closets! No one judges them for wearing the same thing day in and day out! Brilliant."

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Name one thing in your closet you never get tired of.



You seem well-traveled. What's your favorite travel destination so far?

"El Nido, Palawan!"

Describe the ultimate #travelgoals pic you want to post on Instagram.

"Me, with a group of like-minded people in Tibet, Nepal or provincial Philippines even, carrying out conservation or agricultural non-for-profit volunteer work with smiles plastered across our faces with a flock of children upon our shoulders."



You have us hooked on your active lifestyle, what inspired your interest in health and fitness?

"Netflix! It’s the strangest thing, but I became really interested in watching documentaries on climate change, sustainability, well-being, and fitness when it came out and since then I’ve educated myself on how to look after my body and my mind."


What's your favorite sport?

"Swimming! I love doing laps in a pool, it’s so calming."

Are you more of a gym or outdoor person?

"I am an outdoors person! [But] there’s only so many places you can go when living in the city, therefore the gym is my haven."


Do you follow a particular diet to keep your toned and fit frame?

"I am a conscious eater. I think about how I will feel after I consume something, how my body will react to itfrom my skin to my weight to my mood. If it doesn’t make me happy then I wont eat it."

What has been the hardest thing you've had to deal with because of your gluten and dairy intolerance?

"Not eating delicious and cold treats like halo-halo, ube ice-cream, cassava cake.. I absolutely LOVE Filipino desserts but so many of them have dairy or gluten as ingredients. My savior is taho."

 What food can you never live without?


What about your go-to cheat day snack/meal/dessert?


"Halo-halo! But a special version, which some debate isn’t really halo-halo but is more of an ube ice cream/mongo/leche flan con yelo."

What's an ideal day-off for you like?

"Gym. Home. Cook for the family. Read. Surf the web. Date night (dinner and movie) with myself or friends. Gym."

Is there any advice you'd like to share on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

"Don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time to change your eating habits for the better or to make exercising a regular activity. Know your goal and work towards it. "


Let's talk about the LNT show. Between you, Nadine, and Tricia, whose idea was it? Your fans are asking if you can make an actual vlog for it. Are you up to the challenge?

"It really wasn’t planned. We just wanted to take a photo of the dinner we made, but then Trish thought, ‘No, let’s take a Snapchat video.’ Then I offered, ‘No! Let’s do Facebook Live!’ As for an actual vlog, that is something we have yet to discuss! Not a bad idea though."


You recently signed with Viva Artists Agency. If you could choose to focus on theater, television, or film, which industry would you like to thrive in, and why?

"I recently saw the Philippine theater production of Rak of Aegis and since have been amazed by theater. But I feel as though my path is in television, particularly hosting, where I can engage and entertain people. I would like to dabble in acting, too!"


What projects are you currently working on or looking forward to doing, now that you’re in showbiz? 

"I’d love to immerse myself in projects where I can engage an audience that want to know more about wellbeing, lifestyle, and fitness. I also want to entertain people, I’m no comedian but I think I have a good time with people."

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