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Watch "That Thing Called Tadhana" for Free on YouTube

And 21 other Filipino films, too!
Watch "That Thing Called Tadhana" for Free on YouTube
IMAGE YOUTUBE/Cinema One, Regal Entertainment, Inc., TBA Studios
And 21 other Filipino films, too!

Feeling like seeing a Filipino film tonight?

Apart from the more contemporary selection of local flicks on Netflix, you'll find that YouTube also houses a diverse array of both new and vintage movies, spanning various genres. The film distributors Regal Entertainment Inc., TBA Studios, and Cinema One have all generously published a number of films on their official channels!

Below, we’ve collated full-length feature films, but the three aforementioned studios have uploaded short films and highlight reels as well for your enjoyment. Support local cinema by indulging in these gems!

Lighthearted / Feel-Good Films

Bar Boys (2017) 

A barkada enters law school and navigate mishaps as they prepare for the bar exams.  

Note: The publishing of this film to YouTube was authorized by the directors and producers. 


UPCAT (2008) 

Lucas, a high school student, desperately wants to get into the University of the Philippines, and has to overcome obstacles to achieve his dream.  



Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo (2016) 

10-year-old Meng is obsessed with the game patintero, and will stop at nothing to beat a team of high-schoolers in what may be the biggest championship she'll ever play. 

Horror/ Thriller

Bliss (2017) 

An acclaimed actress, Jane, (played by Iza Calzado) is left disabled by a freak accident during filming. For her protection, she is secluded in a mysterious house under the care of a bizarre, sinister nurse. Jane’s hazy days weave themselves into a hellish nightmare.


Gayuma (2015) 

A UP Fine Arts student becomes intrigued by a secretive figure drawing model, and his attraction to her swells into a dark obsession.


Pridyider (2012)

In this somewhat bizarre supernatural horror, a demonic refrigerator torments and murders its victims.


Yanggaw (2008) 

A young girl has a disturbing, unidentifiable illness that turns her into a cannibalistic monster.


Iisa (2015) 

A mother tries to find consolation and justice in a town ravaged by a ceaseless war and devastating storms.

Recommended Videos


Dormitoryo (2017) 

Aling Linda, a widow, owns a dormitory with seven occupants, each with their own wide-ranging stories to tell.


Water Lemon (2015) 

A widow, a “socially handicapped genius, and a helpless grandfather” get by in the seaside town of Mauban, Quezon, contemplating the wider world in this melancholic film.


Mamay Umeng (2012)

An 84-year-old man living in a quaint village anticipates his own death, but it never comes, so he resolves to hunt it down himself.


Ina Kapatid Anak (1979)

In this Lino Brocka classic, an aggravated rivalry between sisters upends the family peace.


Sa North Diversion Road (2005)

The setting: A car is driving along the North Diversion Road. The characters: A man and a woman. The plot: The pair plays ten different couples across ten different scenes, each of which explore a distinct conflict relating to love, trust, and pain.  


Rome and Juliet (2006) 

A woman hires a businesswoman as her wedding planner, and, in a tumultuous turn of events, the two find themselves falling deeply in love.   



Shift (2013) 

An outspoken, spunky call center agent (played by Yeng Constantino) is beginning to fall for her friend and colleague, an openly gay man.


That Thing Called Tadhana (2014) 

Two people struggling to heal develop a complex friendship. They travel to different cities together, toil through mundanities, uncloak past hurts, and find themselves putting their hearts on the line once more.

Crime / Action

Matangtubig (2015)

Grisly crimes take place in a remote, rural town named Matangtubig, and the townspeople struggle with conscience as they make attempts at normalcy.


City After Dark (Manila by Night) (1980) 

In this multi-narrative film, the shady faces of Manila are illuminated: drug addiction, unemployment, derelict housing, prostitution, and others.

Red (2014)

Red might be the best fixer in town, but he's never worked on a case this grave: In a haywire drug bust, a VIP youth was slain, and Red was enlisted to deal with it.

Adventure / Comedy

Batang Quiapo (1986)


Two petty criminals, (one of them played by icon Fernando Poe Jr.), attempt to straighten out their lives and expel the use of illegal drugs from their village.


Blue Bustamante (2013)

An OFW father has a remarkable job: He’s a stuntman for a popular Japanese TV show named Force Five, which is no big deal, (read: it makes for a hilarious and action-packed story), since all he wants to do is provide for his family back home.

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