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21 of the Best Fan Reactions to the #PUSHByBJPascual Covers

21 of the Best Fan Reactions to the #PUSHByBJPascual Covers The craziest and funniest responses to the debut of BJ Pascual’s much talked about book.

In the print world, the online cover reveal is as much an event as finally having a copy of the actual book or magazine in your hands.

The excitement was four times as much for BJ Pascual’s first book PUSH: Muses, Mischief, & How To Make It In Manila. From last week’s “Ano Na?” teaser video featuring BJ’s muses Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Julia Barretto, and Nadine Lustre to the cover drops that started with Kathryn on Sunday evening, the anticipation, build-up and agitation (!) was perfectly captured on social media.

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Using the hashtag #PUSHByBJPascual on Twitter and Instagram, we round up the best fan reactions to the hottest book to hit shelves this week.

The DIY Teasers

Girls of every age took to their phone cameras to create their own version of the “Ano Na?” video. Kudos to the cute toddler who’s mastered BJ’s catchphrase. No better way than to start them young.

The Disbelief

It’s the virtual equivalent of BJ grabbing a Kathryn fan by the arms for a shake. Yes, it is the Teen Queen on cover no. 1!

The Questions

Styling, spending, self-esteem—issues best addressed on social media.


The Fan Art

The net is a good source of talent. Just look at these artistic interpretations of the PUSH covers.

The Covers That Didn’t Make It

Whether through Paint or Photoshop, these fans want in on the fun.

watch now

The Waiting Game

With Kathryn, Liza, and Julia done with their respective reveals, the Nadine fans couldn’t keep their eagerness—and wit—any longer.

The Tutorial

Fans took the Style Bible poll a bit too seriously—which we love! Here, a cheat sheet to make your favorite cover reach the top of the charts.


The Statement

This post brought a smile to PUSH editor Raymond Ang’s face.

The Eyeball

Those who trekked to Fully Booked BGC earlier this week must have had a kid in a candy store moment.

The Purchase

This is our version of a happy ending: each one bringing home a copy (or multiples). Perfectly timed with the holiday shopping season, yes? It makes for a really cool gift, too!

PUSH is out in more Fully Booked branches this weekend for only P395 a copy. Stay tuned for delivery updates to other leading bookstores and newsstands. A separate announcement will also be made regarding the release of PUSH’s e-book version.  

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