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20 Struggles Only Facebook Addicts Understand

Ah, the suspense that comes with waiting for likes!
20 Struggles Only Facebook Addicts Understand Ah, the suspense that comes with waiting for likes!

Introducing, millennial problems at its finest. We bet you can relate to these, too!

1. You're caught up thinking about your next profile photo and how perfect and amazing it has to be.

It has to be updated so that the cute guy you met at the bar can find you and add you as a friend! It also has to capture your personality so everyone thinks on the fly how great of a person you are.

2. You don't understand why other people who don't have good profile pictures get 700 likes. HOW?! You worked so hard to get your pout right, while theirs is so MEH with bad cropping and lighting! Ugh.

3. You analyze and proofread your posts for hours. Because, hello, you can't make a mistake! Plus, you have to sound smart (but not annoying) so you get a bunch of likes.

4. You see a mistake in your post and your heart skips TWO beats. "NOOOOOOOO." You wonder if you should delete the post and correct the error in a new one but how about the likes? Or just use the Edit function and risk people seeing your mistake when they check the edit history. What to do?!

5. You spend so much time looking for awesome content you can share so people like or share your post. "People like cat GIFs, right? And anything with baby animals? Oh, and those food porn stuff! I'm gonna get so many likes on THIS one!"


6. You think about what time you should post something and change your profile picture. 9 pm or 9:34 pm? It has to be the peak time so everyone will see your new update on the dot!

7. The suspense that comes with waiting for likes. Nope, you won't rest until you get a FLOOD of likes. Oh! One notification! Two! Four! AWESOME! They like my photo! PEOPLE LOVE ME AND FIND ME PRETTY. *tears*

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8. You constantly check your phone to see if you have new likes. You put working, eating, sleeping, taking a bath, and peeing on hold just to see who the new likers are and to see who haven't liked your photo yet.

9. You always hope your crush and the people you admire will like your photo.


 It's validation at its finest. Sometimes you just want them to like your stuff, nevermind the other people.

10. Comparing your life to what other people's lives are like. Technically you're comparing your life to what other people's lives look like since your only basis is the photos they post. STILL. They look perfect and fun and lovely and right now you feel like crap and you just want to go to a corner and mope.

11. Stalking your crush and his girlfriend is so much easier (but also devastating). They look so cute together. I wish we looked cute together, too! Do they or did they have a thing?!" *ugly crying*

12. You waste so much time scrolling through your feed. So much that you feel like you have no more time to do other things. Why is Facebook so addicting?!

13. You can't help watching a number of videos on your feed thanks to the autoplay.


They're all just there so you just have to see the end even if you weren't interested in the first place! They're annoying for taking so much of your time, but they're entertaining, too.

14. You've thought about deleting a post because it didn't get any likes. Your Facebook timeline and profile should make you look fun, interesting, and popular. And a post with no like shows that no one gives a crap about you or your links. No one must think that way of you, even if it's true sometimes.


15. You can't upload or view anything because of bad internet connection. OH NOOO! Not when you're uploading travel photos to let the world know where you are this very moment. Why does it have to happen now of all time?

16. You've been told not to be on your phone while having a meal.


So you eat fast just to get back on Facebook or think about how much fun other people have it in life. Why can't you go through Facebook when your parents can read a book or the newspaper on the table? It's not like everyone was actually talking or looking at the food.

17. You stay up late to refresh your feed so you can see new updates from people. It's so weird how sometimes there's just nothing new going on in other people's lives. Okay, maybe that's normal, but still! 

18. You see stupid posts from people every now and then. And #humblebrags and rants and those feeling intellectual posts. Who are these guys fooling?! You'd unsubscribe to them but you're just curious about their next stupid post.

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19. You might not even know you're addicted to Facebook since it's a huge part of your life now. That is, until you feel depressed from missing out or comparing yourself to other people or not getting enough likes. Or, you know, when you have to go for hours feeling bored and empty because you can't go to your feed.


20. You've thought about deactivating Facebook since it's ruining your life.

What life? LOL! The thought of deactivating your profile might have occurred to you, but in the end you still decide to keep it because practically everyone's on it and you want to keep in touch. Plus, what if someone wants to tag a photo of you and they realize you're a loser without a Facebook account? No, that can't happen!


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