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18 Problems Only Girls Who Eat a Lot Understand

You get angry when you're hungry.
18 Problems Only Girls Who Eat a Lot Understand You get angry when you're hungry.

1. You spend a lot on food more than other people do. Because you love it more than anything else, of course food gets the highest budget of all. With a growing food scene in the metro, you just have to try as many items as you can in each new restaurant's menu.

2. You have to lug your lunchbox and a canister of snacks to work if you're saving up on cash. Face it, you save a lot this way.

3. You wish you had more money to spend so you can get things other than food. You barely have enough money to go on a legit shopping spree even during sale season because your budget is only enough for food. Does anyone know how much that sucks?

4. You can't decide where and what to eat. Sometimes you just want to eat, never mind the cuisine and the restaurant. You're indecisive and this always frustrates your boyfriend, friends, and family.

5. If you want to be healthy, you have to work out a lot more or do intense training to burn the calories. Truth. But it's so hard to find the time. And if you do have time to spare, quick intense training doesn't sound very inviting. You'd rather eat out and enjoy a good meal!

6. People think you're unhealthy.


You're not sure where this comes from; it's not like you're eating junk 24/7. Besides, snacking up little by little during the day is good for the metabolism.

7. If you're not thin, you've been told to eat less or go on a diet. As if being thin means a person is healthy. That's not always the case. Anyway, it's not like you're forcing yourself to eat. You eat because you're hungry or you need to keep yourself energized. Or, you just love food! So what's wrong with that?

8. If you're thin, people say you should eat more. Why do people even like giving unsolicited advice? Ugh.

9. Wearing lipstick feels pointless at times. It's so frustrating because you end up re-applying again and again after each meal. Sigh.

10. You hate being photographed with your mouth full at a party while everyone is smiling. Seriously???

11. You tell the photographer to take another shot and wait until you swallow. And then there's that awkward moment while everyone is waiting for you to swallow.

12. You've also been photographed with your mouth open, about to chow down that forkful of spaghetti.

And you thought #10 was bad? This is worse.

13. There have been a good number of times that food got stuck in between your teeth. No more photos, please! And you hope no one talks to you so you won't have to open your mouth and reveal your teeth.


14. You're quiet during meal times because you’re either so focused on your food or your mouth is always full that you can’t join in the conversation. You've been mistaken as sad, mad, upset, or anti-social because of that.

15. That moment when you've brushed your teeth too early in the evening and you want a midnight snack. Either you starve 'til breakfast or brush your teeth again no matter how lazy you are to do it. Decisions, decisions.

16. You get really grumpy when you're hungry and there's no food in sight.

Being hangry is the real deal.

17. You've gotten so full you can't breathe or you just want to roll like a ball instead of walk. And then you end up regretting eating so much.

18. You tell yourself you'll never eat that much again. Even though you know for a fact that it's a lie. 

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