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16 TV Shows for Every Type of Geek

How many shows on this list have you watched?
16 TV Shows for Every Type of Geek How many shows on this list have you watched?

It’s a good time to be a geek right now! Geek culture is definitely going mainstream. So if you want in on this way of life, start your geek journey with some good TV. Apart from the classics like Star Trek, Star Wars, and the staple superhero series, below are 16 TV shows that will surely bring out your inner nerd:


12 Monkeys

Geek factor: It involves time-traveling in a post-apocalyptic setting. Can they find where the virus that eliminated 90% of the world’s population came from?

Doctor Who

Geek factor: Time-traveling alien doctor in a TARDIS


Geek factor: Eight strangers discover they can telepathically connect with each other.

Game of Thrones

Geek factor: Dragons, Faceless Men, resurrection, time-traveling

The Magicians

Geek Factor: It’s a modern take on Harry Potter x Narnia.


The Big Bang Theory

Geek factor: Four science geeks navigating through the struggles of life with the help of their beautiful but dumb neighbor


Geek factor: Geniuses solve crime while learning how to behave like normal people.

 Mr. Robot

Geek factor: A vigilante hacker attempts to bring down greedy American corporations.

 Silicon Valley

Geek factor: Follows the life of a group of Silicon Valley engineers as they try to succeed in the world of technology

 The IT Crowd

Geek factor: Follows an eccentric IT support team in a basement of a modern London building

 Breaking Bad

Geek factor: About a chemistry teacher and his student making crystal meth



Geek factor: Solving crimes through forensic archaeology

 Warehouse 13

Geek factor: Follows secret service agents guarding a warehouse for supernatural articfacts


Geek factor: Chuck, a computer service expert at Buy More, becomes the only human copy of CIA’s database after his former roommate embeds the information into him through an e-mail.



Geek factor: Follows the life of Dexter—forensic expert by day, serial killer by night


Geek factor: Follows Sherlock, a consulting detective, as he figures out unsolvable cases through the science of deduction