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16 Things Only Girls Who Don't Drink At Parties Understand

People think you're the conservative girl who judges people who drink.
16 Things Only Girls Who Don't Drink At Parties Understand People think you're the conservative girl who judges people who drink.

1. Being asked so many times why you don't drink. As if not drinking alcohol is the strangest thing ever. It's not. And as if "I just don't want to" isn't reason enough. It's like asking why you like musicyou just like it, and there's nothing much to it.

2. Not satisfying people with your answer about not wanting to drink. Not that you have to please them, but you just want them to leave you alone or talk about something else and not go back to #1. Because seriously, people should get over it.


3. People thinking you're some conservative girl who judges people who drink. Not drinking doesn't immediately mean that person's conservativewhatever that meansand just because one is conservative also doesn't mean that that person's judgmental. Look who's judging now!

4. Having to pretend you're drinking just so people would leave you alone. Seems like it's the only way, so you might as well, right? Anyway, just a sip won't hurt.

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5. Being pressured to take a shot with your friends, and you do take a shot. Peer pressure at its finest, but you know it's just one shot and you'll be fine as long as you drink lots of water afterwards. Okay, where's the glass?

6. Not coming off as fun to strangers you meet because you don't drink. Hashtag #DontCare. As if those strangers are important in your life. They're so NOT, okay?

7. Being made to help finish a bottle of tequila. Because (1) you have to be part of the fun; and (2) the bottle has to be finished. You're totally fine just watching people get drunk, and it's fun not to feel worried about random guys possibly taking advantage of you when you've had too much. And okay, the bottle has to be finished, but it doesn't mean you have to be the one to do it. Ugh.

8. People wonder why you're at the party/bar/club if you're not even going to drink. Um, to dance probably? HELLO.


9. Dancing to the music and giving people the idea that you finally drank a lot. Nope. It's just called moving with the music. So much for people believing everyone needs alcohol to party. That's just a myth.

10. Watching over your friends who're getting drunk while still dancing your ass off. Yup, you got this. You're vigilant, you got 20/20 vision, and you're an awesome friend.


11. Being so lucid that when you think about what's happening it all seems crazy and ridiculous to you. "Everyone's just jumping around in the dark, some are sort of grinding, and all those are supposed to be fun?" Thoughts like that ruin the moment, so you try to snap back to the brainless dancing.


12. Getting bored at times. And it's mostly because you feel left out from all the drunk fun and you want your friends to be around you, not fishy drunk guys who want to get them more drunk or something.

13. Taking care of that friend who had too much while watching over others. It's bound to happen, and you don't mind. This is what friends are for, and what being The Sober Friend is for. You're pretty sure your friends would do the same thing if you had too much to drink. Though, that never happens.


14. Dragging all your friends out of the bar when that one drunk friend wants to go home badly. This is a lot harder than it sounds because no one seems to want to go yet, or some people stop your friends from leaving by making a conversation or putting their arms around your friends' shoulders. And while you're trying to yank your friends free, you're still keeping an eye on that drunk friend so no one tries to make her stay.

15. You're the designated driver of your friends. Or you're the one who keeps them company in the cab to make sure they get home safely. Who else would do it, right?

16. You wake up in the morning free of hangovers and remembering everything clearly. Not only do you wake up more fresh-faced than your friends, you're also the one who's seen them at their craziest and funniest, without them remembering just how wild they were. You'd tell people how things got at the party just for laughs, but sometimes chuckling to yourself is one of the best laughs ever.


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