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15 Things Girls Who Are Obsessed with the Beach Can Relate To

You say yes to any and every beach trip.
15 Things Girls Who Are Obsessed with the Beach Can Relate To You say yes to any and every beach trip.

1. There’s nothing as euphoric as the feeling of sand between your toes.

Sure it’s a super cliché line, but true beach lovers would understand just how beautiful the feeling is!

2. You’d gladly endure long road trips every weekend if it meant spending time at the beach.


You’ll probably be asleep the whole ride anyway. Wake me up when we get there!

3. You’ve made some of the most important life decisions while getting a tan.

Like that time you decided it was time to quit your job and look for another one after realizing just how unhappy you were. Plus, the sound of the water is just so calming—you can ACTUALLY hear yourself think.

4. The dream is to have a gorgeous house by the sea.

Ahhh the simple life!

5. Your best hair days are ALWAYS at the beach.

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Sexy beach waves! Why do people use hair irons for that?

6. Your bags, clothes, and shoes are never sand-free.

Getting rid of sand is like getting rid of your obsession with James Reid—impossible.

7. You get excited when you drag new people into your weekly beach habit.

Let’s get out of this town, bitches!


8. People know better than to expect seeing you out and about on weekends, because while they’re partying it up at the club, you’re having a blast doing NOTHING by the ocean.

It’s the dream, tbh. Same goes for all holidays!

9. Your closet is 80-90 percent beachwear.

And sometimes when you don’t have a clean bra, you throw on a bikini top and go on with your day. NBD.


10. Because you’re at the beach so much, you’ve learned so many hacks to get by.

Did you know that you can use baby powder to get rid of sand on your legs without having to wash them? You also know the best (and cheapest!) sunscreens and the comfiest swimsuits, too!

11. You spend all of your hard-earned money on beach trips and have ZERO regrets.


You live for the thrill of discovering untouched beaches in the Philippines. Do Filipinos understand how lucky we are to have such a beautiful country?

12. You’re not sure why some people don’t like the beach.

And when they say that it’s because the feeling of the ocean floor freaks them out, you get a little confused.

13. You’ve seen so many boobs, abs, and butts that you don’t even get surprised anymore.



14. You have a year-round tan that you absolutely love.

Who needs fake tans when you can easily get one yourself in this country?

15. You’d honestly move to the beach if you could.

The ultimate dream come true

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