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11 Things We Learned from America’s Next Top Model

After 22 seasons, ANTM is bidding us adieu.
11 Things We Learned from America’s Next Top Model After 22 seasons, ANTM is bidding us adieu.

Every fashion girl, one way or another, has seen at least a season of Tyra Banks’ reality-based modeling competition, America’s Next Top Model. Showing us the different and often unseen side of the modeling industry spiced up with a whole lot of drama, the show has become a worldwide hit. Not only did it rake in over 120 franchises around the globe, it also lasted 12 years—hey, that’s even longer than the ten seasons of Friends! We’ve seen it all, from its humble beginnings featuring 10 female contestants, to welcoming the boys, the petites, the college girls, the Brits, and the all-stars. And as much as we hate to admit it, maybe Tyra is right (she always is)—it’s time. Season 22’s finale is also the show’s swan song.

How can we ever say goodbye to the show that taught us how to smize, booty tooch and more? We can’t, really, but at least we’ll have memories, ones we’ll keep forever. Below, a list of things we learned from Tyra and the show.


1. Getting a makeover is necessary.

Who will ever forget the Ty-overs? Often drastic and unexpected, this is something we look forward to every season. Admit it, at one point you wanted bleach-blonde tresses with matching brows! Or, Sophie’s candy pink hair.

2. How to "smize"

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If not for ANTM, how are we to know that there is such a thing as smiling with your eyes? We have her to thank for stepping up our selfies.

3. How to "booty tooch"

Before ya’ll were twerking, Tyra was already booty tooching. A booty tooch is when you arch your back and slightly pump up your booty. One of the many Tyra-isms, it evolved into a couple of variations over the years such as: side tooch, poochie, juicy tooch, and the booch.


4. How to be "fierce" 

Admit it, you started using the word fierce because of the show. 

5. One of our favorites from the ANTM lexicon: Flawsome.


Tyra taught us that our flaws can be awesome, which leads us to numbers 6, 7, and 8.  

6. It’s okay to have a huge forehead.

Tyra never fails to tell the girls who have the same issue she had when she was younger that it’s okay to have a five-finger forehead.  


7. Quirky is cute.

More often than not, it’s the quirky, weird girls who nail the high fashion looks. You don’t have to be the prettiest or most popular girl in school to be a model.

8. Being gap-toothed can be an asset.


Why fix something that makes you unique?

9. Being different is not something you should be ashamed about.

Remember transgender woman Isis King and Chantelle Young who had a skin disorder called vitiligo? Tyra would always remind them of how beautiful they are.

10. Miss J is the baddest bish in town.


She killed it every single time.

11. Lastly, Tyra Banks is a life coach / fashion guru. 


This entertaining woman always knew what to do, what to say, who to pick. We don't always agree with her choices, but you have to admit, she can turn anything from drab to fab with just the flick of her wrist. And even though it's time to say ta-ta to ANTM, we're pretty sure we haven't seen the last of this woman.  

*Na na na na na, wanna be on top?*

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