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10 Times Solenn Heussaff Proved She's a True Artist

She's definitely a girl blessed with many talents.
10 Times Solenn Heussaff Proved She's a True Artist
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/solennheussaff
She's definitely a girl blessed with many talents.

We know Solenn Heussaff as an actress and as one of the It Girls, but she’s far from just a regular beauty or fashion peg. This girl has taken on a lot of side projects that she has stamped her seal of approval on. From paintings, furniture, to various illustrations and even baking, is there anything Solenn can’t do?

Below, here are 10 times Solenn has proven she’s a talented artist beyond what the camera lens can see. Check out her #SolennArt!

1. Wine in Tubes

Hailing from France, Solenn is no stranger to a good glass of wine. Featuring her art on tubed wine like Chateau La Tour de Bessan and Domaine de la Roche Moreau, Solenn schools us on the art of drinking French wine.


2. Fragrance Line

Ever wondered how It girls smell like all day? Find out from Solenn's fragrance line, S.O.S, which she launched this year. From Sunrise to Sunshine to Sunset, spritz these perfumes and get a whiff of Solenn .

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3. Fitness Book

It’s no secret that Solenn is a health buff, so we got pretty excited when she released a fitness book detailing her tips for a healthy lifestyle!

4. Chef Solenn

Solenn is not a stranger in the kitchen, too! Did you know that she cooks and bakes healthy meals and pastries? Who knows, she might even come up with a cookbook soon.


5. La Lola Illustrator

Just recently, Solenn illustrated Churreria La Lola's churro holders! And we must admit, they’re pretty cute.

6. The Original #SolennArt

Before all these projects, we’ve seen Solenn hold her very first painting exhibit. We’re still on the lookout for her second show!


7. Toblerone x Solenn

Just in time for the holidays, Solenn also created art sleeves for world-renowned chocolate brand Toblerone. She merges her French and Filipino lineage in her art work.

8. Furniture by Solenn

Solenn also partnered up with local furniture company Philux and came up with rugs and chairs that Solenn herself had designed, inspired by her hubby’s Argentinian roots.


9. Makeup Artistry by Solenn

Perhaps you might have forgotten this bit. Before Solenn became an actress, she was a makeup artist first!

10. And in case you forgot, she's a singer, too!

To top everything off, you should know that Solenn can sing as well. In fact, she previously released an album that we can totally listen to all day long.


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