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10 Things You Need to Know About Bea Fabregas

Get to know more about Magic 89.9’s DJ.
10 Things You Need to Know About Bea Fabregas
Get to know more about Magic 89.9’s DJ.

Here are some things you ought to know about Bea Fabregas, one of Magic 89.9's DJs particularly if you tune in at around 9am-12nn for her show with Boom Gonzales, On Demand. We may hear a lot from her on air, whether it's on the radio or on Fox Sports PH, but there's apparently so much more we don't know about the former UAAP Courtside reporter. 

As told by Bea herself, here are some fun facts about her below:

1. "My guilty pleasure is purchasing shoes, specifically sneakers. My mother absolutely hates it, and she always tells me to stop spending my money on 'rubber shoes' but it really makes me happy. I only have a few pairs of heels for hosting, but other than that, all sneakers. I used to save up my allowance for the latest tennis shoes when I was younger, and so now that I'm working it's translated to sneakers. Don't ask me how many pairs I have because I'm afraid to find out!"

2. "I really don't like airplanes. It doesn't stop me from traveling but I get anxious when I'm on the plane or if my family or friends travel! I'm the type of person that needs them to message me the moment they land. I've been like this ever since I was a kid."

3. "I like to set goals for myself at this start of every year. I started playing tennis at seven up until becoming an athletic scholar and captain of the tennis team at the University of the Philippines and so I developed a competitive attitude. When I was in college my dream was to be a Magic 89.9 DJ and to this day I can't believe I actually achieved it. Dreams do come true if you're persistent and you never give up!"


4. "I love iced tea. So much. I got in trouble once when I was a kid because I visited my grandparents' house and they said I could have as much as I wanted. I had eight glasses of iced tea that day, my parents were not pleased with the amount of sugar I put in my body."

5. "I love babies. When I'm at the mall, I'm that weirdo that smiles at strangers' babies, or I’m that friend that doesn't mind carrying their baby for hours."

6. "I didn't like animals growing up. I have allergies so it wasn’t the most ideal situation to have a pet, but ever since we welcomed our pug Pogi into our home in 2012, I was transformed into a dog lover. He really changed my life and I love that dog so much."

7. "I cannot start my day without coffee. CANNOT. My dad always used to tell me as a joke if you can't drink coffee black you’re not the 'real deal.' Haha. But I try to balance out my coffee drinking with as much water [as I can], because water is life."

8. "I'm a very passionate fan of the San Antonio Spurs and Roger Federer. In fact, last March I flew all the way to Texas to witness a a Spurs game live, and it was one of the best days of my life. Still praying to catch Federer live before he retires!"

9. "My entire family is obsessed with Star Wars. My dad took my older sister and I to watch Episodes 4-6 when they celebrated an anniversary and showed it again in the cinemas. When I was a kid I thought Episodes 4-6 were new movies, hindi na pala. I saw Episode 3 in the cinema, five times when it came out, and cried all five times." 


10. "I only wear makeup if I have to host an event or go on TV for sports broadcasting work. I love having zero makeup on, and I really don't mind bumping into people having a bare face. I have dark circles under my eyes from food allergies but it's never really stopped me from being comfortable without concealer."