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10 Stylish Designer Hotel Rooms Fit for Every Fashion Girl

Match your designer ensemble with your hotel room.
10 Stylish Designer Hotel Rooms Fit for Every Fashion Girl Match your designer ensemble with your hotel room.

If you are not into castle-hotels but still want that luxury accomodation fit for a fashion girl, maybe a designer hotel room will strike your fancy instead. In the same way that some girls prefer Chanel over Louis Vuitton, one's personal taste has a lot to do with her sartorial and travel choices. Below, a list of of accomodations you can choose from if you want a luxe home away from home.  

The Designer: Vera Wang

The Room: Vera Wang Halekulani Suite at Halekulani, Hawaii


Did you know that Vera Wang, the fairy god mother of brides all over the world, was engaged in Hawaii? Yup! Which is why, the Halekulani Suite in Waikiki is a project close to her heart. Ladies, this posh suite is Wang-designed in every aspect you can imagine. All meals (including a selection of her favorite comfort food) are served on Vera Wang china, crystal, and flatware. Also, the decorative pillows use fabric from Wang's apparel. And not to mention, the DVD collection is composed of her favorite films, including The King and I, When Harry Met Sally, and Lost in Translation. This is also the first fashion designer-branded suite in Hawaii. 

The Designer: Diane von Furstenberg

The Room: The Grand Piano Suite at Claridge's, London

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Talk about a luxury hotel in London and the first one that will come to mind is Claridge’s. This iconic art deco 5-star hotel dates back to 1856, but has not faltered over the years. Known for their signature suites, one that caught our attention is the Grand Piano Suite designed by Diane von Furstenberg. This room blends Claridge’s glamour with the effortlessly elegant style yet vibrant style of DVF. The suite has two bedrooms adorned with furniture and signature prints she handpicked herself, a marble fireplace, wall art of photographs she's taken, and of course, a grand piano.

The Designer: Christian Dior

The Room: Dior Suite at St. Regis, New York


Every fashion girl visiting Manhattan dreams of staying at the St. Regis. Known for their glamorous suites, it is also located at the Upper East Side offering incredible views of Central Park and Fifth Avenue. One of their fashion-centric abodes is the Dior Suite. Pegged after the Parisian elegance of the label’s ateliers, expect a room painted with muted tones, accentuated by statement Dior pieces.

The Deisgner: Tiffany & Co.

The Room: Tiffany’s Suite at St. Regis, New York


You can’t talk about St.Regis without bringing up the sparkly Tiffany’s Suite. We mean, just look at that dining room that looks like the blue box all girls dream of. You can literally have breakfast at Tiffany's here! Le sigh.

The Designer: Christian Lacroix

The Hotel: Christian Lacroix Hotel le Bellechasse, Paris


While others have rooms, Christian Lacroix designed a whole boutique hotel! The Christian Hotel le Bellechasse will not only give you a taste of the label’s exuberant sensibilities; it's also so near the must-visit museums in France like the Musee d’Orsay and Louvre. Each room will give you a different Lacroix experience, and some even feature original murals on the walls and ceilings.

The Designer: Versace

The Hotel: Palazzo Versace, Australia


If you’re more of a Versace girl who's in love with all the splendor the label has to offer, then you should stay here when you visit the land down south. Designed in partnership with the Gianni Versace fashion house, this palace in Queensland is the world's first-ever fashion branded hotel.

The Designer: Armani

The Hotel: Armani Hotel, Dubai


You want to be on cloud nine? Head to Dubai where the Armani Hotel is taller than every other building. If you appreciate minimalism more, this is the hotel for you. Every small detail is designed by Giorgio Armani himself including the 160 guest rooms that feature walls made from handmade Italian leather!

The Designer: Oscar de la Renta

The Hotel: Tortuga Bay Hotel, Dominican Republic


If it’s a private getaway in a far away land you need, go to the Dominican Republic where the late Oscar de la Renta was born. The rooms in this private beach exude the class and elegance of de la Renta, but also offers the scenic views of the golf course and the crystal-clear blue Caribbean waters.

The Designer: Ralph Lauren

The Room: Oceanfront rooms at Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Jamaica


Aaaah, Jamaica! What’s not to love, especially when your room is designed by Ralph Lauren? It’s everything you would want from a beachside abode - crisp, elegant but modern, with clean Caribbean ambiance. The rooms offer either a king-sized or two double four-poster mahogany beds with decors from RL's Home Collection.

The Designer: Bvlgari

The Hotel: Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts


What could probably be the biggest project in this list is Bvlgari who is clearly building their chain of restaurants and hotels. With a goal to have six branches around the world by 2017, we know this will only get bigger. The ones already standing are located in really good locations, often near great shopping destinations. You might want to reward yourself with a Bvlgari experience the next time you travel.

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