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10 Struggles Only Millennials Understand

Admit it, you’ve been called “entitled” and “lazy.”
10 Struggles Only Millennials Understand Admit it, you’ve been called “entitled” and “lazy.”

The term “millennial” is often negatively stereotyped as being lazy, entitled, and too attached to the online world. Truth be told, being born with all the luxury that the modern technology has to offer also has its downside. Below are some struggles that only the members of Generation Y will understand:

1. Everyone knows about your relationship status.


It says it right there on your Facebook profile whether you’re single, currently in a relationship, engaged or married. But here’s the worst part—the whole world will know about it when you’re broken-hearted, too. Since you have to change your status from “in a relationship” to “single,” prepare your inbox for incoming messages from people who are either genuinely concerned or just plain nosy.

2. Breaking up and/or moving on is harder than ever.

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Which brings us to the number two! As much as you want to finally move on from your ex, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (plus your inconsiderate mutual friends) make it seem extremely impossible. To add fuel to the fire, there may even be random throwback photos care of Timehop. Seriously, it requires a complete social media hiatus if you truly want to get over a breakup (which we all know is a challenge nowadays).

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3. Everyone is suddenly an expert at stalking.


Well, as long as you don’t accidentally “like” the IG photo of your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend posted 122 weeks ago, you should be fine.

4. Being without your smartphone drives you crazy.

Did you know that the term “nomophobia” actually exists? It’s to describe the fear of being without a mobile phone, and you have to admit, the struggle is real.


5. Dating has become digital.

Gone are those days when your grandparents would tell you all about the romantic stories of how they met in a library or how they gazed into each other’s eyes then fell in love at first sight. The old-fashioned way of dating has since been replaced by who’s a mutual friend of who on Facebook, who liked whose photo on Instagram, and who swiped right first on Tinder.


6. Describing your #feels is a struggle without the use of emojis and internet slang.

Actually, you sometimes reply with LOL even though you didn’t exactly laugh out loud IRL. But somehow, no other word feels right. This gets even weirder when you’re texting your boss and you unconsciously type in a bunch of emojis, including a winking smiley. That doesn’t make you unprofessional, though, right?


7. It takes you forever to choose a filter and/or caption a photo.

Because, duh, your followers are totally gonna judge you based on your choice of editing app and filter. Trust us, VSCO’s A6 and HB2 are always the safest options. Just please don’t do Valencia or Nashville. And oh, stop bombarding each post with a thousand hashtags just to earn pity likes! Have some pride for yourself, dude.


8. You feel the need to broadcast your opinion on the internet—about every single issue.

You tweeted about the annoying Uber driver who cancelled on you and ruined your morning. You posted a hate status on Facebook about this anonymous person who didn’t like the same movie you feel so strongly about. And hey, let’s not forget about your latest #foodstagram from your “new fave resto!”


9. You normally enter a coffee shop looking like you ran away from home.

You have your laptop, your smartphone, a bunch of chargers, a set of headphones, and maybe even an extension cord. You’ve basically packed your whole life with you, and now you’re ready to buy yourself a grande-sized cup of caramel macchiato. But really, Starbucks? How can you not have enough sockets?!


10. As a millennial, you have been called “entitled” and “lazy.”

Yeah, well, just suck it up and complain about it on the Internet later.

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