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10 Struggles of Having a Crush on a Girl You Can't Have

Hope is a dangerous thing.
10 Struggles of Having a Crush on a Girl You Can't Have Hope is a dangerous thing.

There are a lot of reasons why a girl you're crushing on may be comparable to a unicorn, or more bluntly speaking, a fantasy. But whatever the wall between you and her is made out of, here's something we're sure of: the struggle is real. Very real.

1. There will be moments when you'll finally have a chance to be alone with her…

But for some reason, it comes at the cost of being a massive ditcher to friends, family, an existing significant other(!), etc.

2. You might end up ignoring someone who could have been a perfect fit for you.

And it's because you kept clinging on to the hope that you can still win your crush over.


3. Half of your friends will encourage you to go after her and not give up.

While the other half will tell you straightaway that it’s never going to happen.

4. If a buddy gets to score the girl, you end up hating him inside.

Why him? WHY!!!

5. She has a boyfriend who is totally not good for her and you just can’t understand why!


"You deserve someone better." *Ahem* Someone like me.

6. You're glued to your phone 24/7 while waiting for her to reply.

The worst part is when she replies to you with a one-word sentence, like "Okay" or "Yup" or maybe even "K."

7. When you do something embarrassing in front of her and it haunts you for the entire day.

Or for your entire life, actually.

8. When people tease you about your feelings and you have to play it cool because she’s right there.


Breathe, dude, breathe.

9. Thinking of one million things to invite her to knowing that she might still say no.

Studying for exams together? Movie night? Chess? Scrabble? Anything! Just say yes, please?

10. And finally, accepting the fact that maybe she’s just not into you.

Sorry, bro.