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12 Struggles of a Girl with Poor Eyesight

12 Struggles of a Girl with Poor Eyesight Everything is a blur.

There are two types of people who wear glasses - those who only wear them occasionally for aesthetic purposes, and those who have horrible vision and see only blobs of color when they forget to wear them. With my 525-575 vision, I obviously fall under the latter category. So if, like me, you simply can’t live without your glasses or contact lenses, then you'd understand the numerous struggles that come with it. For example…

1. The morning panic when you can’t seem to find your glasses.

You say to yourself, “Crap! My day is over! My life is over!” as you feel absolutely helpless without your second set of eyes. And after a few minutes of playing Marco Polo, you finally stumble upon your specs. Whew!

2. You can’t always wear sunnies.

If you’re wearing contacts, then you’re good. But if it’s one of those days where you just have to wear glasses, then forget it.


3. It’s so hard not to look geeky.

Especially when you’re in a crisp white buttondown. But then, if it’s flannel…

4. It’s so hard not to look hipster.

People would even ask you if your glasses are actually graded. SMH.

5. Keeping up with trends is a real struggle.

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Seriously, your specs have to match your wardrobe and there aren’t much frame options out there.

6. It’s impossible for you to open your eyes underwater.

Swimming with contacts on will forever be a challenge.

7. 3D movies are impossible to watch.

It’s so uncomfortable having to layer glasses (not to mention, how stupid it looks).

8. Forget eye makeup.

No matter what those tutorials say, you know there’s no getting past those multi-coated lenses. Good thing we’ll always have red lipstick.

9. When it’s hot outside and your glasses slide down your nose.



10. Getting something in your eyes when you’re wearing contacts seems like the end of the world.

The worst part is if you forgot to bring solution or drops with you.

11. Having your eyes checked is a chore you have to do but put off.

Not until the migraines become unbearable do you decide to have your eyes checked.

12. Everything is a blur.

Life without your glasses (or contacts) is just out of focus.

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