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10 Reasons Why Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman Are #BFFGoals

They do sleepovers just like regular girls.
10 Reasons Why Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman Are #BFFGoals They do sleepovers just like regular girls.

In a competitive industry like show business, it’s rare to find a true friend you can count on. In that sense, we think Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman are totally lucky to have found each other! We swear, these two are the cutest. We list down below some of the reasons why they embody our #BFFGoals.

1. They travel together!

There’s no better way to create fun memories than to explore the world together.

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2. They can always go on a double date.

Even their boyfriends get along, too! How fun is that?

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3. They always make time for each other in spite of their busy scheds.

A girls’ night out is a must! Always.

4. They poke fun at each other in their own loving ways.

These two are such goofballs.

5. They are comfortable with each other around.

And they have their wacky selfies to prove it!

6. They enjoy doing the most random things together.


Like, stalking Instagram accounts and doing millennial stuff with their hair rollers on.

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7. They support each other’s success.

This photo was taken during the premiere night of Girlfriend for Hire starring Yassi and Andre Paras. Of course, Nadine and James Reid just had to be there for support.

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8. They like mimicking each other for fun.


9. They also do sleepovers.

Just like regular girls!

10. They click. They just do.

And when it comes to building real friendship, sometimes that’s all it really takes.

Main image via @nadzlustre on Instagram

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