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10 Reasons Why a Shared Work Space is the Perfect Office

All the perks and more.
10 Reasons Why a Shared Work Space is the Perfect Office All the perks and more.

Are you an aspiring journalist, fashion designer, or savvy entrepreneur? Instead of holing up in a café or in your own room, a coworking space allows you to share a workplace with other independent workers. Shared working environments, such as ASPACE, provide a novel alternative to the traditional office environment. Members can drop in for a day, rent out a desk, or even set up a mini HQ for their team, all while having a great internet connection and an unlimited supply of really good coffee. Here are 10 reasons why a coworking space will be the perfect office for you.

1. Trendy and accessible locations.

Having a work space at a prime location is unattainablefor the budding entrepreneur or freelancer. With prime areas such as BGC, Makati, and even Cebu, coworking spaces make it possible for you to attain a working environment.

2. Great ambience.

Coworking spaces are typically furnished with trendy and functional furniture that keeps young professionals at ease while they are hardat work. Having a relaxed and fun working environment is key tokeeping your creative juices flowing. ASPACE’s lounge area has everything a cool office ought to have: swings, a beer bar, foosball, even a Motorino.


3. The internet is always fast and reliable.

High speed internet is a non-negotiable. ASPACE provides you with fast and accessible internet via a multi-device log in to their network. Finding the perfect coffee shop with wifi and ample sockets will now be a thing of the past.

4. You get free-flowing drinks.

ASPACE has a café feel without the hassles of saving a seat or lining up for coffee. However, they don’t just go for any regular cup of Joe, they purchase fresh and local coffee beans. It’s the kind of coffee that brightens everyone’s morning at the space. It also doesn’t hurt to have an unlimited supply of coffee, tea, and water for the entire day while you work.

5. Expand your personal and business networks.

For freelancers and creatives in particular, it’s important to havea broad network of social connections. At a coworking space, you will constantly be able to meet new people from new places and different industries. An increase in social interaction is also healthier for the mind and the body.

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6. More chances for collaboration.

Being surrounded by hardworking and like-minded individuals makes iteasier for you to spot potential clients or talents for a projectyou’re working on. Business expansions are also made more possible by collaboration.

7. It allows you to take your work more seriously.

Working at home in your PJs with a list of pending chores tends tomake you feel less of a professional. Having to get dressed and todrive yourself to a workplace signals your brain that you are in work mode. ASPACE’s interior doesn’t look like your normal, clinical-looking office. Its intricate designs and inspiring words on the walls keep you working. They also offer conference rooms where you can meet with clients. It gives them a better impression of your seriousness and dedication rather than meeting them at home or at a coffee shop.

8. It’s affordable.

Renting a long-term office space can be very pricey, and you also have to deal with overhead costs for printing and supplies. If you’re looking to cut expenses while maintaining quality, a coworking space offers you just that. You can either rent a cowork lounge for just a day or rent out a dedicated desk for a month.


9. No distractions.

Working at home or at a crowded café makes it easy for you to shy away from doing tasks. The urge to fall asleep or browse through social media disappears when you place yourself in an environment that’s conducive for productivity.

10. New ideas from other communities not within your network.

Constant collaboration and interaction from diverse individuals allow you to share and gain insights on perspectives that you wouldn’t have normally considered. At ASPACE, events and talks are held every month, the kind of events that inspire creative ideas and enlighten your ordinary day at work. Every now and then, you’re sure to pick up some handy new ideas.

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