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10 Hacks to Surviving the Nasty Aftermath of a Breakup

10 Hacks to Surviving the Nasty Aftermath of a Breakup
IMAGE Patrick Diokno
Self-love is the name of the game.

It’s the love month and our feeds are filled with couple pics and saccharine love stories. If you are single or unhappy with your love life, you may think it would be good for you to shut them all out so as not to feel sorry for yourself. 

But love matters. It’s not about having a love life. It is about choosing to live a life full of love.

All things be equal, it is moments surrounded by love that we are most affirmed and valued. Let us look back at the most memorable encounters we have had in our life. It has been an atmosphere of love that has lifted our spirits and made an impact on our person. 

We have been so used to giving and expecting love from others; but feeling loved need not come from another person. Here are some hacks that you could choose and modify to get out of your heartbreak rut and start working on self-love.


1. Plan ahead

Fill your calendar with fun-filled activities and spend time with people that make you happy and are supportive of your need to just focus on having fun!

2. Laugh, laugh, laugh!

Pack your time with friends, shows, activities, places that bring out the child in you. Celebrate life! Find humor in most things! Life is too short to take yourself too seriously!

3. Wear happy colors. 

Bright orange, yellow, red, pastels! Wear that red lipstick and pink blush you usually stray away from and color your days with hues that make you happy.


4. Create a playlist that makes you happy.

Play these scores while you’re caught in traffic or just need to pass the time. Nothing like great rhythm to bring that skip back into your step.

5. Plan meals, desserts, and drinks that make you happy.  

Eat food that brings you back to happy memories and great times with family and friends.

6. Create new routines that bring new energy for your day. 

Take routes to school and work that you wouldn’t naturally take to see a different part of the city and other attractions you wouldn’t normally see.

7. Learn more about yourself and develop a deeper appreciation of who you are and what you can do.

Read up on some books that would inspire you to be a better person-and lover! 

8. Sign up for a makeover with a stylist or a stylish friend.  

Change your hairstyle, your usual clothes or shoes, change your glasses or your shades. New looks provide new energy and allow you to get to know a new you. Get a make-over of your inner self too by attending personal development workshops.

9. Fill a box with all things that remind you of your old, slow and heavy self.

Rid yourself of anything that reminds you that you’ve been in a rut and donate it to someone who doesn’t have as much.

10. Show someone else some love.

Getting out of a heartbreak rut is sometimes just about loving someone else who you know needs more affirmation and support than you do. As much as you feel stuck there is always someone else out there that could use unconditional love and support!

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Love is a commitment. Strengthening this commitment takes a deliberate actions and focus that should begin with ourselves. When life challenges and confuses us, it is the love for ourselves that keeps us focused on what matters.'s guest editor for the month of February is Coach Pia Acevedo, one of the country’s most sought after Certified Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker specializing in life transitions. She is also the founder and CEO of the OneCORE and the ASEAN head of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M).In 2010, she released her first bestseller, Born To Be A Hero. Her second book, Focus on What Matters, was released in 2016 and has since provided Clarity for individuals, corporations and organizations. 

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