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10 Celebrity-Approved Tricks to Taking a Better Foodstagram

Heed an expert's advice.
10 Celebrity-Approved Tricks to Taking a Better Foodstagram Heed an expert's advice.

You don’t have to be a food blogger in order to take an IG-worthy #foodstagram. If you want to step up your game, the first thing you need to do is to heed an expert’s advice. Below are some tips you can learn from our local celebs who seem to know their way around food iphoneography.

1. Good lighting is everything.

We can’t stress this enough. When it’s too dark, it causes the food to look less appetizing. When it’s too bright, details in the photo might be diffused by the light. A good source of lighting can make or break your foodstagram.

2. Add human element.

Your hands make for an interesting added element. Go ahead and show off your stylish accessories and newly manicured nails.

3. Sometimes, less is more.

Don’t feel pressured to squeeze everything into one frame. Some things look even better as it is.


4. Tell a story.

What book are you currently reading? What’s your present mood? Even a #foodstagram post can paint a thousand words.

5. It doesn’t always have to be a flatlay.

Don’t be limited to top shots, especially if the dish looks even yummier from another angle.

6. There’s always time for dessert.

Especially since sweets are instantly IG-worthy.

7. Stick to a color palette.

It’s the oldest trick in the book and has never failed so far. Playing with different colors in the same hue results in a more polished look.

8. Be creative.

Taking a photo of your homemade almond butter? Use your ingredients as props! Think outside the box in terms of food styling.

9. Strategic framing is key.

Decide on which elements you want to focus on, and then frame accordingly.

10. Master the art of flatlay.

When all else fails, a well-balanced top shot is tested and proven to earn insta-likes.

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